Activities & Festivals in Alaçatı

Becoming Turkey’s most popular and trendy summer destination, Alaçatı has a large population during high season, from July to August. However, recently it has becoming a place of four seasons with the recently organized activities. I suggest the people who are not able to go Alaçatı during summer, discover Alaçatı in spring or fall, because the village is left to its locals and residents after the crowd leaves and its actual beauties can be experienced.


Here are the activities you can attend while visiting Alaçatı:

– Atölye Yağhane is one of Alaçatı’s treasures. Antique olive press factory has been transformed into a workshop place both to support the lokal artisan and craftsmen, also for locals and tourist to learn and improve cooking, music, pottery, tile making, Tokat yazma (pressing) skills. (

-You can also can attend ceramic workshops to learn how to make your own ceramic creations or improve your skills at the new atelier Terra Cotta. Located in Hacı Memiş, this cosy place is supporting street animals with their own ceramic creations. (Instagram account @atolyeterracotta)

-You can enjoy Aegean & Crete Cuisine cooking workshops with Dilek Yetkiner, Terrarium design workshops with Tuğçe Küçükören, yoga and fishing workshops at Zeytin Konak Hotel on weekends (

-You can check out the workshops & talks on arts, design and art of living at Bazen Atölye. (

-Also weekly yoga & health & wellness workshops are conducted at Alavya Hotel during spring and fall.  (

-BICYCLE FRIENDLY ALAÇATI: Thanks to the bicycle roads signed with the collaboration of Alaçatı and İzmir Development Agency, you can go cycling to discover Alaçatı and around. Green Track is an easy track of 6 kilometers, Ovacık Track is a challenging route of 28 kilometers; while Karaköy Track is the hardest track of 34 kilometers, starting from Karaköy, a 300 years old abandoned village, to Port Alaçatı and the Center through Zeytineli Village and Mersin Cove.




Alaçatı Herb Festival: Organized since 2010 in March or April, the Herb Festival aims to introduce the variety of herbs in Alaçatı, the richness of its cuisine and transfer the traditional foods made with these herbs from generation to generation. It is a real privilege to experience Alaçatı during fresh spring time when the nature awakens and the village is elaborated with thousands of different kinds of herbs. At this festival where the home made jams, foods made of a variety of herbs, pancakes and desserts of the locals are displayed for 2 days, a competition takes place and the recipes of participant foods are gathered in a book. This way, Herb Festival leaves behind an inheritance of these tasty recipes for the next generations.


Fly Me Alaçatı Kite Festival: Organized since 2011 in May, this kite festival hosts world-famous kiters and kite fans from around the world. In this festival, where the hundreds of colorful, creative kites in different shapes turn the sky into a festival area, each year a different theme is selected. The theme of 2014 was “sea” and indeed the sky was turned into a colorful sea. Lasting 3 days, this kite festival offers complete entertainment with all-day live music performances, kite workshops and foods prepared by the local women.



Festival of the Lost Tastes: Organized for the first time in June 2014, Festival of Lost Tastes is another food festival that aims to present, promote and support the traditional and regional recipes and products.




IF Independent Film Festival: In February, at the same time with Istanbul, films attending the independant film festival are also on show in Alaçatı.



Alaçatı Piano Festival: Organized for the first time this year, Alaçatı Piano Festival brought world-famous musicians such as İdil Biret, Tolga Tüzün, Burçin Büke, Wolfgang Manz, Ezgi Serim, Mizuka Kano and Gülsin Onay with audience in July and August at Alaçatı Open Air Stage.



PWA Windsurf W: Each year in August one leg of the world wind surf cup competitions takes place in Alaçatı. Alaçatı livens up all day and night with live music and DJ performances of Surf Sound Festival which is organized during these competitions gathering the best surfers from all around the world.



Alaçatı International Fishing Tournement: Having been taking place since 2008 in Octobers, this fishing tournement turned Alaçatı into a sea with the largest amount of athletic fisherman in Turkey. In 2012, it turned into an international event, hosting 70 boas and more then 300 amateur fishermen and becoming the biggest open sea fishing tournement in Europe.