Embryologist Handan Şendağ and her husband Prof. Dr. Fatih Şendağ had purchased an old Greek house located in a calm & silent street of Alaçatı village, adorned with red & pink begonvilles – that’s how the story of Alachi begun. After a careful and long renovation process, the old building turned into a place full of peace and comfort where Alaçatı traditions meet Chinese philosophy – as the “chi” in the name of the place (meaning “energy of life”) comes from the 3500 years old Chinese thought. Decorated in light of the Feng Shui philosophy, Alachi surrounds you with happiness and peace the moment you step inside.


Marble, wood and glass materials are mixed with antique pieces in Alachi that was designed with the idea of benefitting from the natural sunlight as much as possible. Traditional Alaçatı style is reflected in every corner of the place, however modern touches and a nostalgic feeling can also be sensed; making Alachi a beautiful blend of old & new. With lots of vintage pieces scattered around, the hotel takes its guests to a journey in the past, while the garden full of flowers & trees and the fantastic Spa offering various massages and a Turkish bath provides a calming experience.


The breakfasts at Alanchi are also exquisite, as ingredients such as olives, olive oil, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, vegetables, butter and cheese varieties served are all organic and produced in the Urlachi farm, located in Urla and owned by the couple.


Alanchi also offers health cure camps composed of detox sessions, yoga and ayurveda experiences occassionally.

Handan says she wishes her guests to relax, purify, renew, eath healthy and feel full of energy while leaving Alanchi.

Offering 3 standard & 5 deluxe rooms, 2 rooms with bay windows, 2 superior rooms, 1 suite and 1 basement room, Alanchi is a place where you can enjoy the sun & the sea in the summer and make the most of the Aegean winters by the fireplace, in the winter garden and the modern rooms with floor heating.


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