Ayşe Nur Mıhçı is a true Alaçatı lover and volunteer. She loves cooking, which she’s very good at, and she shares what she makes with passion. She first started with renovating a small house in 2010, thinking of a place where kitchen would be open throughout the year and people walking on the streets in Alaçatı would go and eat in a cozy guest room. Later on, she received such a big interest from the visitors that she expanded the restaurant adding the wonderful garden behind. In 2020 Asma Yaprağı has moved to Asma Yaprağı Tarla, which is a natural oasis in the middle of trees and orchard, 5 minutes away from Alaçatı town. In this paradise garden you can taste their great Aegean cuisine for lunch and dinners.

Ayşe Nur gives life to her passion she has driven from unique recipes of her ancestors who were passionate about Aegean food and family dinners which take place as a ceremony on long tables. In the kitchen with enamel plates, jugs and glasses, shallow pans, bowls, jams, cranberry sherbets (sweet soft-drink) the oven is turned on early in the mornings and throughout the day a variety of delicious foods are cooked here. Each ingredient is grown locally and only seasonal vegetables and fruits are used. Zucchini sinkonta, çalkama (a kind of pancake with spinach and cheese), appetizers such as stuffed zucchini flowers, rice with artichoke and beans, baked lamb, meatballs with cinnamon, pumpkin-carrot dessert and brownie with beet are pleasurable must-tastes.

Ayşe says: “My dear son Kerem… Dear Ayşe, who’s working with us and myself, Ayşe Nur.. We are all together in Asma Yaprağı. We are a team looking for peace and sharing it. We are the ones who enjoy reflecting the spirit of Alaçatı, offering Aegean foods, listening to music from both sides of the Aegean region, setting Aegean tables and giving value to these tables. We are the ones who are thankful for the food we cook and the tables, around which our loved ones gather together.”

Advance reservations are highly recommended, since the garden fills up every night.

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