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Avrasya Home Cooking

Avrasya is undoubtedly the first place that comes to mind when one talks about delicious home cooked meals in Alaçatı.

Opened 10 years ago by chef Mustafa Dumanlıdağ who brought his 28 years of cooking experience to Alaçatı from Malatya; Avrasya is a place where you can try the best examples of Turkish cuisine; offering a fantastic fusion of East Anatolian and Aegean recipes at reasonable prices.

Aegean olive oil dishes, all prepared with fresh & local ingredients such as braod beans, artichokes, cow peas, portulaca, stuffed vine-leaves, eggplants, green beans, blessed thistle, celery, leek and classical Anatolian recipes including aubergines with meat flling, stuffed green peppers, Turkish noodles, diced lamb dish fried on iron plate, okra with lamb, cabbage stew with meat & chickpea are among the many options Avrasya has to offer.

The restaurant also serves great meat dishes including traditional meatballs, roasted goat meat, local kebab options from Talaş, Gereli, Urfa, Saray, Çakır and Kafkas regions, classical Turkish wrap made with lamb meat (Adana dürüm) and lamb ribs.

The daily changing menu also includes a wide soup selection, salads and lots of dessert options – all showcased in a buffet that looks pretty much like an artwork. You may choose to eat at the restaurant, order home or come & pick-up your food from them.

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