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Bazen Concept Store is a wonderful art & design shop & atelier space, founded by our dear tasteful friend Banu Maga.

Selling hats, bags, dresses, jewelry, photographs, sculptures, home accessories and soaps designed by various artists as well as all sorts of olive products, Banu’s shop is where you can find the most authentic and unique pieces in Alaçatı.

Setting out with the idea to integrate art and design into our daily lives, Banu Maga had renovated an old Greek bakery and founded “Bazen @ Alaçatı” where she sells decoration & clothing items and organizes exhibitions.

You can find successful Turkish design brands & creative artworks at Bazen and attend workshops & talks on arts, design and the art of living.

This shop is home to brands such as Urart, Alef, Zeynep Erol, Nahara, Orge Tulga, Janset Bilgin, jewelry by Tohum and Boga, ceramics by Birsen Cambaz, glass artworks by Felekşan Onar, bronze sculptures by Tina Varon and Zeynep Erol, photographs by Zeynep Boneval, indoor design items by Hamm, Mesele and Odun Design, soaps, waist cloths and olive oil by Zeytin vs., vintage clothing by Ahu Yağtu, t-shirts by Sedef Çalarken and Ceylan Insel, bags by Crystal & Marble, ChuChuBag and Maia (Güliz Onursal and Dilek Toner), ceramics and waistcloths by Nefes, silk scarves by Rumisu, clothing by Şebnem Çapa (Chez-Bo) and Zeyyn, beachwear by Sherbet Design and glasses by Triwa. In memory of his architect and artist father Yıldırım Altınok, Banu Maga also organizes art exhibitions in which she display his father’s paintings.



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