If you are one of those that think ‘the secret of a happy life is to start the day with a good breakfast’, then you will be completely taken by the tastes of Bumba; a family business located in a small, colorful garden.

The breakfast is a real feast with the variety of cheese, fresh picked cucumbers and tomatoes & homemade jams they serve. A type of cheese mixed with red pepper, milk and black cumin seed, salty curd cheese with chili pepper and tomato, sweet curd cheese with black mulberry, olives, acuka (walnut sauce with red pepper) black mulberry essence on strained yoghurt) butterfat with honey and red&green fresh peppers are among the highlights of the place.

You can also enjoy your breakfast with herbs and cheese omelette, menemen (typical Turkish style egg prepared with tomatoes and fresh green peppers) and scrambled eggs. Bumba will also please you with its reasonable prices.

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