Located in Ovacık, Buradan Wineyards is a new wine producer which defines its goal to as “producing the best rose and red wines from the grapes grown in the region”. 

Buradan is both a vineyard and a wine producer that respects motherearth and dedicated to women who works in the fields. In Buradan, the women work in all areas – from picking the grapes to managing all process of wine, designing wine bottles, graphics, labels and naming the wines. Vineyards, grapes and wines here are outcomes of the passion towards the region’s geography, culture, people, love and crops, thus it feels as if they tell a love story in their forms, spirits, textures, colors, smells and tastes. The journey of Buradan wines from the land to the bottle is carried out by the talented and meticulous hands of Tina Lino. The curved bottles in the shape of a woman body are brought from France and Italy. Their rose wine, named ‘Şirin’ and produced carefully from ‘Grenache’ grapes has a refined taste. 

We would like to share some exciting news from Buradan Wines below.

  • A new red wine named ‘Fidan’, produced from Tempranillio grapes was presented to winelovers’ taste in fall 2018 and the income was donated to the ‘Buradan Foundation’ which develops projects in order to support the women in the region. 
  • Michelin starred Chef David Chang’s restaurant ‘Momofuku Ssambar’, one of the most popular restaurants in New York has added ‘Şirin Rose’ to its menu, which is the first ever Turkish wine served there. 

Give them a call to arrange a visit in order to taste and buy the wines of Buradan, located at a valley where you can watch amazing sunsets overlooking the Chios island in Ovacık region. You can also taste and buy their wines at Alaçatı Köşe Kahve, Arven Wine Boutique, Restoran and The Stay Warehouse Hotel. ‘Şirin’ is also ready to accompany your summer days in the most beautiful beaches in Çeşme Peninsula.

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