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Coffee & Drinks


The best coffee in Çeşme peninsula is definitely served at Kaffe, that moved to Alaçatı from Bazaar Çeşme in February 2019, a hangout place for locals of Alaçatı and open for 12 months. Kaffe is one of the places which adds a value to the town with its rich tastes of 3rd wave coffees from Guatemala, Colombia, Kenya, Ethiopia, the marvelous walls covered with illustrations of Alaçatı, lovely coffee packages, freshly baked croissants, brownie and cookies. Nejat and Namık, escaping from the hustle & bustle of Istanbul have opened Kaffe where they serve tasty coffee in a beautiful ambiance enriched with the warm chit chats they offer. Kaffe has a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere and is always full with its regulars. If the secret of starting a good day is a good coffee, then Kaffe is definitely the right address. (2047 sk. No: 29 Alaçatı)

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Other places to drink coffee are: 

Voi Coffee (Gaia Bazaar Hotel, 3000. Sk)

Apero Alaçatı ( 2047. Sk. No:21)

Dostane (Kemal Paşa Cad. No: 101)




We support the restaurants & bars & pubs that do not play loud music and contribute to the tranquility of Alaçatı.

According to the law, all the establishments are obliged to turn down their music at midnight and keep the level of their music lower than 75 decibels, to respect the local life of the village and hotels accommodating guests. 

We have a list of favorite places for drinks and socializing with friends:

  • Botanist is our brand new neighborhood bar & gastro pub, where you can hang out in the afternoons and nights, with great music and food. With amazing, original and fresh cocktails made with multifarious herbs, spices, flowers and fruits, delicious and fun tapas style food, great coffee, juices and smoothies options, and great & tasteful music, it is the dream place to enjoy your evenings. With the live DJ performances weekends and delightful playlists during week nights, you can enjoy creative cocktails, accompanied with delicious bites.
  • Gaia Hotel‘s courtyard garden is another oasis with great music & cocktails and charming & beautiful atmosphere. During the weekends, Ethnic House and 80s Parties are held with live DJ performances.
  • Also located in Hacı Memiş, Kapari Bahçe also has a comprehensive cocktail menu that includes classics like Lynchburg lemonade as well as unique recipes like vodka with black mulberry and Satsuma. Live performances of bands and DJ’s during the weekends take place between 20:00-24:00. Kapari Bahçe is also a good choice to meet friends for dinner & chilling out in the evening.
  • Plaka, overlooking the main Alaçatı square, is another meeting place with great fingerfood, cocktails, good music and nice atmosphere. 
  • In Alaçatı village other favorite places to njoy good cocktails and music are: Voi, Gaia, Nook, Plaka Cantina, Octo Bar, Zeplin, Bi Bar
  • Outside Alaçatı, in Ilıca Yıldız Burnu right next to the sea, Pecos Bar is another favorite of ours.



Due to the sound regulations the music has to stop at 01:00 am in the morning. And please keep in mind if you are still dancing after that, it means that the bar is violating the regulations, and so are you.

  • Since On Air is an %100 soundproof place, those who are willing to dance and have fun at late hours in Alaçatı village can enjoy their live band performances.  

no 66

No: 66 Sessions

  • Outside Alaçatı, in Ilıca, with great live bands and music performances, No:66 Sessions is a favorite place among locals to drink & dance . In 2016, with the dream to own a bar at Aegean Seaside, Bertan has moved to Çeşme and rented the 130 years old stone building, and opened the bar under the Çeşme Jazz Sessions name. With live performances of estimable Turkish jazz and rock singers such as Sibel Köse, Elif Çağlar, Tüluğ Tırpan, Ferit Odman, Kaan Yıldız, Brenda Berin, Su İdil, Volkan Öktem the place has conquered our hearts. In 2018 the bar has changed its name to No: 66 Sesssions. Besides its great music and cosy atmosphere, its gourmet hambergers, pizzas, schnitzels and sausages No: 66 Sesssions transformed to a favorable eatery. It is still a favorite address for good live music, friendly meetings and great food.
  • Located in Aya Yorgi beach, Paparazi turns into a restaurant, bar and night club at nights. It is especially good at full moons for dining or at Sunday nights for listening to live rock music.

Other than that, we protest all loud, vulgar & corrupt establishments that violate the law and disrespect the local village life.