Drink & Dance


We are so lucky that it is not allowed to play loud music in Alaçatı due to foundation of preservation’s decision. The bars have to turn down the music after 1 at night for the locals of the village. 

The booming bars of Alaçatı are definitely Take FiveTraktör!

Take Five is a brand new coffee house and jazz bar, where you can hang out all day long. Delicous coffe, fresh and healty breakfast, juice and smoothie options, it is the dream place when you don’t want to go to the beach. Live jazz on weekends and delightful playlists during week nights, you can enjoy creative and delicous cocktails and wines accompanied with small tapas bites.

Traktör is a gourmet bar that serves delicacies throughout the day, located in an old lovely stone house and a little cosy courtyard. At nights our beloved friend DJ Salça plays & prepares the best Satsuma’s in the village. If you want to listen to good music, have wonderful drinks and meet & chat with friends, the best place for you is this new secret gem. 

Also located in Hacı Memiş neighbourhood, Kapari Bahçe with wonderful drinks such as Lynchburg lemonade, Mulberry vodka, Lime Tequila is another favorite of ours. Tarık, one of our favorite DJ’s, plays music during Sunday evenings bewteen 20:00-24:00. A wonderful meeting opportunity with friends to have dinner, or to chill out & lounge after dinner.

Other new comers are Cin (by Göz) and Momo. They both have good music and nice atmosphere. Momo is actually a restaurant & bar, with a gorgeous courtyard, where DJ plays lounging & dancing music after dinner. Cin has a nice courtyard as well but seems to be overcrowded late night.

Köyün Delisi was 2015’s hit, with a great courtyard, fingerfood delicacies, cocktails and good music.  

Another popular bar is Alarga. Alarga is ideal for after dinner cocktails and dancing. 


For after dinner drinks on Kemalpaşa Street we recommend Göz Lounge.  A little younger adresses are Nar Alaçatı, Tektekçi, House 44, Vida and İyi Pizza.

If you want to listen live jazz or rock you need to go to Çeşme Marina. Jazz bands concerts takes place at 15 Eylül Kıraathanesi. Turkey’s leading jazz musicians such as Ayşe&İlham Gencer, Bülent Ortaçgil, Elif Çağlar&Kerem Görsev Trio, Ayça Gündüz- Latin Jazz Project, İmer Demirer&Neşet Ruacan, Erkan Oğur, Okay Temiz, All Star Jazz Band & Sibel Köse, Kürşat Başar Orkestrası and Birsen Tezer takes stage at Jazz Nights.

Also in Çeşme Marina live rock bands are on stage at Hayal Kahvesi. 

Located in Aya Yorgi beach, Paparazi turns into a restaurant, bar and night club at nights. It is especially good at full moons for dining or at Sunday nights for listening to live rock music.



For those willing to dance and have fun at late hours; you might try your chance at Cin, Momo, Köyün Delisi and Alarga in Alaçatı village. But due to the sound regulations the music stops at 01:00 am in the morning. If you are still dancing after that, it means that the bar is violating the regulatios.

For party lovers the address is the beaches of Alaçatı the first address is Club 29 at the entrance of Alaçatı Port.


Afterwards head to  Madeo&Dusk on Kum Beach or Otto Alaçatı on old Seaside beach for dance.

The clubs in Aya Yorgi are Paparazi, Sole Mare and Marrakech are other favorites for dance lovers. Paparazi is our favorite in Aya Yorgi, since DJ Tarık plays on Friday and Saturday nights.

You can also follow DJ events at Çeşme 7800 in Boyalık Beach.

 Additionally for the all-night dancers, the right address is Riders Mood on Alaçatı cove.