We used to go to Dutlu Kahve every evening 10 years ago, when there was basically nowhere else in Hacı Memiş. In the beginning we used to go there to have tea, then we started tasting the appetizers and then fell in love with the braised meat. We started calling the owner, Ismail Kolçak and asking him to make us braised meat every day. For a very long time, under that majestic berry tree there were only us and the elderly men of the village sitting at the tea house across the street. We had the chance to enjoy the silence away from the crowd of Alaçatı for a few years. Eventually this place and its delicious offerings were discovered and we woke up from our dream. We find consolation in the hope that all places in Alaçatı would develop and expand as elaborately as this place. Haldun Demirhisar, who had put a lot of effort into Alacati for years, gave hand to Ismail and his wife to make the tea house without ruining its spirit. Keeping its authentic texture, Dutlu Kahve now welcomes many people, expands its delicious variety of foods yearly; simply on its way to becoming a legend.

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