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Ildır Village – Eryhthrai Ancient City


Alaçatı – Ildır: 17 kilometers


ILDIRI – Erythrai

Ildır Village, settled in the foothills of ancient city Erythrai that is named after the son of the founder Rhadamanthys, is the most untouched seaside village in Çeşme Peninsula. According to another view though, Erythrai, meaning ‘red’, takes its name from the sky and the sea which turns into scarlet during the sunset – about which Homeros once said “the place with the most stunning sunset”. The village’s underground is full of antique ruins and is considered as a second level archeological site where its history dates back to the Bronze age.

If you go to Ildırı early in the day, you should visit ancient Erythrai, one of the 12 bases of Ionia on the Aegean Sea and visit Acropolis, the highest spot of the ancient city. Erythrai ancient city and the ancient theatre lay up on the village which is covered with poppy and artichoke fields.

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Agora Kafe, facing the gorgeous sunsets in Erythrai and located at the entrance of the ancient city offers marvelous views, best sunsets of Ildırı and delicious food. It is also a great pleasure to savor the fresh meze, fish and sea food dishes along with rakı during sunset on the tables over the pier of Ildırı İskele Balıkçısı.

If you prefer not to have dinner, you can also take an appetizer at ‘Manzara Cafe’ on the Ilıca road when returning to Çeşme. We’d also recommend visiting the cutest hotel of the town, Herakles Pension and taste its speciality artichoke ravioli or the artichoke stuffed mussels of Özgür, (0507 1842356), famous Ildır lokma (fried dough) and ‘Şıpıldak Otu’ (an endemic herb).