Alaçatı – Karaburun: 82 kilometers



Karaburun, home to a few villages and towns is a wonderful place with its virgin, untouched and quite environment, ideal for a daily trip. In the first village you see on your way, Mordoğan, Marina Restoran Osman’ın Yeri and Deniz Feneri Balık Evi are really good fish restaurants, while Problem’in Yeri is famous for its meatball specialties and soup. In the second stop, Balıklıova, the signs on the way that read “sea is down at heels, the service is slow and the prices are low” put a smile on your face, reflecting the soul of this region. Garip’in Yeri and Manzara Restaurant are good spots for dining in Balıklıova. Next stop is Karaburun where Kalyon RestaurantNumber 1 Restaurant and Albatros Balık Restoran on the pier and Saipaltı Restaurant on Saipaltı Dock are must-gos for seafood lovers.

You will see a bunch of picturesque villages while you move forward towards Ildırı. Savoring fish and rakı during sunset at Ildırı İskele Balıkçısı would be a great choice to complete the tour.

(You need a car to visit Ildırı & Karaburun Peninsula. Ildırı is 17 kms from Alaçatı village, completing a tour of Karaburun takes about a day.)