The 165-years-old building’s atmosphere and the region’s most delicious and special tastes came together to create a perfect place in Alacati.

Once you enter the restaurant, more than a hundred years old stones greet you. The yard has three doors, all open to the parts of the house. Renovated preserving its authenticity, these three rooms host three different brands.  One is ‘Fava’, a fine-dining restaurant. The upper floor houses 1850 Boutique Hotel with 2 rooms. Once you enter the garden, you get the feeling you are in a very special place. This popular garden, set between two Greek houses, offers a festivity to the guests: The marble and wooden tables in line with the architecture of the building and the fireplace designed for the chilly evenings provides a comfortable and cozy feeling.

The tables on the street, apart from the garden, offer a unique dining experience. The menu, consisting of various options of tapas and seafood is created carefully with the ingredients and spices supplied from local producers. Most of the other ingredients are grown in the restaurant’s own garden.

Kalamata olive fava and Crete zucchini with mastic, created with the owner’s own grandmother’s recipes, are the ‘must-try’ tastes of Fava.

Baked spicy Cunda cheese, sea bass pastry with artichoke, octopus with halloumi cheese are among our favorites.

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