A charming store located in the very first steps of Hacı Memiş and set in a 150 years old Greek house with historic stone texture,  Fusya sells unique pieces such as; gems, antique objects, home decoration objects from Ottoman period and ethnic jewelry, carefully curated by Argun Özusta who is also a gem and jewelry designer.

One of the best design stores in Alaçatı, Fuşya offers authentic jewelries from Tibet, Indian gems made with uncut diamonds, enamel jewelry collection by famous jewelry master Avedis Kendir, mirrors from the Napoleon period, day beds, Indian weaving pillows, bed covers, coral items, leather and wooden old dowry chests collected from Havza Region in Tokat, Turkoman spice boxes, bottles, carafes and vases made by blowing glass and dessert boxes from Ottoman times, as well as the Pisagor jewelry collection made of ebony by Argun Özusta himself.

Alaçatı Mahallesi, 2000. Sk. No:29

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