Banu and Haluk Maga, our beloved friends, started welcoming their guests at Kapari Bahçe in 2014, where the tables they serve their fantastic food from the Aegean cuisine are always perfectly prepared. The couple renovated the oldest and the biggest mansion in Alacati which was pretty much a ruin before they put their hands on it and added a paradise-like garden, hence creating one of the best places in Alaçatı.

Banu started with clearing the debris of the mansion for the garden. Using  the old stones of the mansion to built the garden walls and a veranda, she added spirit to the garden with beautiful flowers, antique objects and lightning; and the 50-years-old olive trees in the garden contributed to the beautiful atmosphere.

The menu offers the tastes of ‘the opposite shore’ such as; zucchini blossoms tempura, Cretan puree, saganaki with shrimps, baked Cretan zucchini, Greek mousakka, hania pancake, panna cotta with mastic, traditional specialities such as zucchini with tomato sauce and yoghurt, lamb liver leaves, amber with eggplant puree, pasta with artichoke, grandma’s meatballs, lamb dressed in yoghurt and tomato sauce (a special dish called; kuzu kusleme). Pastrami on grilled eggplant, seafood linguini and the Balkan desert ‘trilece’ are among our favorites of the menu. Kapari Bahçe also has a comprehensive cocktail menu that includes classics like Lynchburg lemonade as well as unique recipes like vodka with black mulberry and Satsuma. Reservation is highly recommended as Kapari has been fully booked since the day it opened its doors.

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