Kolburanos is one of the few places in Alaçatı that still keeps the old Alaçatı spirit, the spirit that was there 15 years ago, when there were only a handful unique cafes & restaurants owned by interesting people with various backgrounds. The owners knew every guest back then, sit & chat with them, and everybody lived happily ever after together!

You pretty much get the same feeling when you enter this cozy, spacious & tasteful old stone building which used to be a carpenter’s workshop. The restaurant has no sign outside the door, but you can easily find Kolburanos just by following the delicious smell. Once you open the door, you enter a wonderland with high ceilings, antique tables, cabinets, lamps, vintage records, an enamel bathtub, a Django bike, an authentic stove & a fireplace…

Years ago the young couple Damla & Emre decided they’d prefer the rural life to city’s hectic chaos. Keeping their passion for cooking in mind, they rented a 200 years old stone building, restored and transformed it into a cozy & delightful space that feels like a spacious living room once you enter. In the kitchen & lounge area, there is a stone wood-fire oven, where Emre & Damla cook their tasty pizzas. They have only one assistant helping them serve tables, so it’s safe to say this is a place made possible with their own efforts.

The menu at Kolburanos is mainly composed of Italian style pizzas, meat and vegetable meals cooked in casserole, potatoes and patties in oven. All the food is prepared with local organic ingredients, pizza dough and tomato sauce is home made daily. Only fresh mozzarella in water is used in all pizzas. Our favorite pizzas are prosciutto & pear, bacon & caramelized onion, and kokoreç (dish of sheep’s gut) pizzas. The pork sausage casserole is to die for, the fresh green salad & pizza with nutella are also wonderful choices.

At Kolburanos you’ll feel like you are eating at a young –but very talented- couple’s house. Their positive energy, charm and joy fills up the space and your hearts, their wonderful food indulge your taste buds.

In winter they are open on weekends for dinner service; during spring and summer they are open daily (except Mondays) and you can enjoy your meal at their lovely garden with fig and mulberry trees.

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