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Roka Bahçe is definitely Alaçatı’s hidden gem. The owner, Gökhan Safkan who devoted himself to Aegean cuisine, traveled all around Aegean region to find the freshest and most refined products for Roka’s kitchen, and eventually decided to focus on Tire – all the herbs, meat and milk that is used in Roka come from Tire. Even the goat milk ice-cream with sahlep (a drink made with milk and orchid roots) they serve comes from Tire and is made by a 75 years old resident. They choose their ingredients very carefully, hence famous tastes of Anatolia; such as Alaçatı’s special broad beans or Amasra’s grape leaves take their places in the kitchen.

Seafood cooked with Aegean herbs as well as meat specialties based on the family’s Bosnian traditions and appetizers inspired by San Sebastian’s famous tapas recipes are also served at the restaurant.

Crispy artichoke, Salicornia with red beet sauce, eggplant paste with sesame oil, mashed broad beans, asparagus with mint, warm eggplant with a special cheese from İzmir, grilled calamari stuffed with Aegean herbs, octopus casserole with cumin, Saganaki cheese with shrimps, special rice with sea food, stewed goosefish with calamari and shrimps are among our favorites in their comprehensive menu.

For meat lovers, we’d recommend Tire meatballs served in casserole, Bosniak meat smoked and dried in paper and stewed young goat meat cooked with region’s special herbs. Whatever you choose, you’ll be satisfied thanks to the cook’s efforts to reflect the real tastes of the herbs and other ingredients while cooking and adding sauces – nothing is overcooked or over marinated; all served fresh hence easy to digest.

The restaurant is located in a lovely courtyard, with tastefully selected objects hanged on stone walls, an old olive tree stands in the middle, a lemon tree in the corner and bougainvillea add colors to the peaceful ambiance.


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