The decorative and art pieces selected by Funda Arkas from England, France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Germany, United States and Morocco are exhibited and sold in Rue 1387 Concept Store which was opened for those who are interested in the world of FD Architecture owned by Funda Arkas.

Apart from the unique pieces combining modern and vintage with a story in the same pot, the photographs which were exhibited in London, Paris and New York from awarded artists, paintings and design objects are being exhibited as well.

In RUE1387, you can find suitcases of the soldiers from World War I and II, which are converted to decorative products such as coffee tables by preserving their original features, carpets from Marrakech and Iran, award-winning speakers, pickups and custom made products by RUE1387 and FD Architecture, such as wing chairs & beanbag chairs.

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