sedirli ev 2020

Set in a traditional and typical Alaçatı house owned by Zeynep Erdem, Sedirli Ev’s main purpose is to make you feel at home – even when you’re far from home. The hotel, where you can feel the nostalgia in every corner, offers fantastic homemade dishes and the serenity of the garden is sure to swoon you. One can easily feel that this place is the blend of love, friendship and dreams. The carefully renovated rooms with bay windows, all named after gemstones such as Yakut, Kristal, Safir and Turkuaz, offer the genuine atmosphere of Alacati’s houses. The hotel has gone under a careful renovation in 2020, and reopened with an apart hotel concept, where you can prepare your own breakfasts and cook your own meals, and eat at your own space.

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