Traktör is definitely one of our favorites in Alaçatı. Our beloved friends Ipek and Kerem’s amazing house became a gastro bar with a beautiful yard in 2015. And our beloved friend Cenk (or Salça, as we call him) who runs the place, turned the house into a blissful heaven with the help of his talented chef & rest of the team.

Gourmet tastes such as Traktör Burger, parmesan & truffle potato chips, salmon with purslane salad, grilled fish sandwich, chicken wings with tamarind sauce, Traktör salad, prosciutto & cheese platters meet fantastic cocktails such as the infamous Satsuma, Gelincik Mohito or Mango Margarita. They all come together in Traktor, adding a new spectacular & delicious place to Alaçatı scene.

This place would be a good choice any time of the day as they serve a good breakfast as well as starters to enjoy at sunset just before you start strolling at Haci Memis. You can also treat yourself to a dining experience in a ‘gastropub’ atmosphere, and try their tasty cocktails at the bar after the dinner with good music.


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