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Hacı Memis


As Alaçatı’s most famous street Kemalpaşa turns into a less enjoyable area with the shops that are becoming more and more touristic, the chairs and tables that are almost completely filling the space on streets and the huge crowd which makes it hard to pass through; Hacı Memiş is a rising star that has been preserved beautifully so far. With one-of-a-kind spots such as antique and design shops, ceramics and glass workshops, galleries, cafes and restaurants, Hacı Memiş has become the liberated area of the village.

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Locals of Hacı Memiş are very sensitive about the preservation of the developing districts. They stay loyal to the authentic structure while renovating buildings and do not rent their places to the establishments that plan playing high volume music.

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Hacı Memiş has an authentic feeling to it, thanks to the wooden doors, tables, antique shops showcasing glass demijohns, restaurants hosting their guests in their yards rather than covering the streets with tables, design shops and boutiques with selected items and art galleries with paintings and ceramics, all of which give you the feeling of being lost in time. What is most important is that you can enjoy this atmosphere without the noise & chaos created by the crowds.

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The best time to enjoy the village streets is just before the sunset, when all colors shine with full spectrum; red, purple and pink bougainvilleas, blue jasmines dressing the stone walls, orange and red geraniums flowing from the windows… And you will be filled with sweet dazzling smell of white jasmine. Meanwhile you will always feel a light breeze while wondering in the streets, thanks to the steady wind of Alaçatı.

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