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Kemalpasa Street

Kemalpaşa Street is a dreamland with its cobblestoned streets, bay-windowed stone houses and bougainvilleas, geraniums, jasmines blossoming in every cornerKemalpaşa Street is where you can find the most ostentatious and magnificent examples of 150 years old stone buildings.


Unfortunately, too many restaurants and shops opened within the last 10 years, turning the street into a chaotic place. Tables adjacent to each other, different music coming from different places, random shops selling trinkets, and huge crowds walking up & down the street…

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You just need to find the right time away from the crowds, which is either early in the morning or late afternoon to enjoy the architecture in tranquility. You will definitely be amazed by the beautiful examples of masonry and craftsmanship on walls, doors, windows and oriels of these beautiful stone houses. These precious buildings with their wonderful architecture still reflect the magic of their past.


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The best time to enjoy the village streets is just before the sunset, when all colors shine with full spectrum; red, purple and pink bougainvilleas, blue jasmines dressing the stone walls, orange and red geraniums flowing from the windows… And you will be filled with sweet dazzling smell of white jasmine. Meanwhile you will always feel a light breeze while wondering in the streets, thanks to the steady wind of Alaçatı.

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