The Mosque & Square

An important point of this route is Pazar Yeri Camii, which was transformed into a mosque from an old church. The mosque was renovated 3 years ago while keeping the icons inside. During worshipping hours a curtain is used to hide these icons. When the curtains open these old icons made by the old inhabitants of this village, pay tribute to the building’s Greek origins. Another beauty of this mosque is the mosaics covering the whole yard with black and white pebble stones. This kind of beautiful craftsmanship that is a century old and called Podima or Krokalia (back of a crocodile) is quite rare to find. It should be noted that Alaçatı is quite lucky, thanks to the local law that obliges the renovation projects to be approved by a council before they are undertaken, making it possible for the old stone buildings like this mosque to be preserved carefully.