Wind Surf & Kite Surf

With its constantly blowing wind Alaçatı is one of the few wind surf paradises in the world. It is an ideal place to start surfing due to its shallow waters and protected condition. The surf schools located right next to Alaçatı Marina rent surf equipment and wetsuits as well as giving courses. Professional surfers have the opportunity to keep their equipment in storage here throughout the year. If you don’t surf, while your kids or partner do, there are places for sunbathing and cozy cafes on the beach in front of the surf schools. If you like swimming, you can also walk to Çark Beach further ahead. Those who would like to do kite surfing are transferred to the kite area on the other side of the cove by the team, where you can get classes and practice. However, please keep in mind that the best place for kite surfing is Pırlanta Beach located on the way to Altınkum.

Best Surfing Schools in Alaçatı are:

ASPC (Alaçatı Surf Paradise Club)
Founded in 1995 by Arkın Pekdağ and Ralf Busse in one of the best parts of Alaçatı cove, ASPC is among the most important wind surf destinations in the world. With its perfect location overlooking Alaçatı Bay, ASPC has grown into one of the top windsurf stations worldwide over the years.

In 2009 ASPC was completely re-built to meet the latest requirements. The station now includes the fantastic Wishbone Beach restaurant & bar, an IKO kite surf centre, a mountain bike centre, sea kayaks and SUP, volleyball and basketball courts, new showers and changing facilities. You can enjoy the very latest JP boards and Neil Pryde sails rigged with RDM Carbon masts and RDM Monocoque booms. Kitesurfers can enjoy the latest North Kiteboarding equipment. If you would like to bring your own windsurf or kitesurf equipment, ASPC also provides secure storage facilities.

ASPC has everything you might need during the day. For non-surfers or for the surfers who want to take a break and get some rest, the place offers sunbeds and big pillows by the beach. ASPC also has fantastic additional facilities such as Basketball Ground, Workout Area & Kids School.

ASPC is Turkey’s largest and best-equipped water sports and activity centre.
Website: Telephone: +90 232 716 66 11


ÇAĞLA KUBAT Surf Club & School

Windsurfing has been a major part of the lives of Çağla Kubat and Jimmy Diaz. After learning to windsurf, Çağla’s life never steered far from windsurfing and she managed to integrate it into all aspects of her life. Balancing a successful career in television together with a successful career in competitive windsurfing, Çağla’s love for the sport is limitless and she has done all she can to promote windsurfing in Turkey.

Jimmy Diaz has been competing since he was 13 years old, which gained him a lot of knowledge in all aspects of racing & sailing. Diaz, with a 30 years of experience in the field, is now also involved in the organizational part of the sport as the president of the PWA.

Çağla and Jimmy welcome you to the Çağla Kubat Windsurf Academy where they want to share their great enthusiasm for the sport with you. Hear they call as they invite you to this great adventure called windsurfing.
Website: Telephone: +90 549 635 30 35


MYGA Surf Club & School
Founded by Ali Palamutçu, one of the best surfers of Turkey, on a beautiful land of 3500 square meters; Myga Surf City is Turkey’s most innovative and modern surf center with its up-to-date equipment, wonderful beach, and various activities they offer like yoga & Pilates.
Myga Surf City is the northernmost school, right next to the beginners area. Myga has the largest grass area of all surf schools and the amenities include a large parking lot, a surf hospital that offers first aid (for your gear, not for you), a big surf shop, a kite surf school, a small restaurant/café and lots of storage area.

Due to its northernmost location, Myga Surf City is perfectly suited for beginners as well as advanced surfers. You do not have to carry your board/sail to the beginners area (it is right there by the beach), and setting up your gear on the grass is much more fun than doing it on the beach.

Myga has over 160 boards and 250 sails available as rentals.

Website:  Telephone: +90 232 716 64 68