About & History


Alaçatı is a dreamland with its cobblestoned streets, bay-windowed stone houses, begonvilles, geraniums, jasmines covering every corner. Kemalpaşa street is the street with the most ostentatious and magnificent examples of 150 years old stone buildings. You just need to find a quiet time away from the crowds, enjoy the architecture in tranquility. You will definitely admire the amazing examples of masonry on doors, windows and oriels of these beautiful stone houses. Meanwhile you will feel the breeze, thanks to steady wind of Alaçatı.

The best times to enjoy the village streets is just before the sunset, when all colors shine with full spectrum; pink begonvilles, blue jasmines rising from stone walls, orange and red geraniums flowing from the windows, and your nose is filled with sweet dazzling smell of white jasmine.

Formerly an Ionian town called Agrilia in ancient times, Alaçatı turned into a village of the cavaliers and infantries in the Ottoman period. It derives its name from the Alacaat (Red Horse) tribe which settled down here.

After Hacı Memiş Aga, called the Greek peasants to the region in 1930’s, the Greek that had settled down here worked on olives and vineyards, planting mastic trees. While it had previously been by the sea, with the withdrawal of water in time some places turned into a swamp. As the swamps were found to cause malaria, it was decided to open a channel from Alaçatı harbor to the village.

The villagers gave the Greeks, who had come for the construction of the channel, permission to build their houses provided that they cultivated their own lands. This way, from 1850 to 1890, the Greek built stone houses in the area a few miles away from the shore, establishing a new village. Once famous for its vineyards and wine, Alaçatı’s Greek population reached 12.000.

However, during the Balkan War (1912) and conversion period (1923) the Orthodox Greek went to Greece, while immigrating Turkish peasants from Balkans, Thessaloniki, Crete and Istanköy settled down in Alaçatı. Removing the vineyards to plant tobacco, Turkish peasants did not manage to gain fertile lands which put them into hard conditions.

Revived as the surfers discovered the area in 1990’s, Alaçatı started developing with renovations of the stone buildings, which attracted visitors from Istanbul. What happened afterwards is apparent; it has become Turkey’s rising star with new hotels, restaurant and shops for the last 10 years.


We are Alaçatı lovers for 25 years and residents for 10 years. We watch the development of Alaçatı with pride & astonishment. We admire the slow paced village life, cobblestoned streets with magnificent old stone houses, pink bougainvillea, blue jasmines rising from stone walls, orange and red geraniums flowing from the windows, sweet & dazzling smell of blooming white jasmines, continuous breeze that keeps the village cool and enables us to surf throughout the year, invigorating & refreshing sea with its pristine clear and chilly water, delicious Aegean food & wine.

We want to contribute to worldwide awareness of Alaçatı, create a global reputation meanwhile help the village to develop & transformation in an healty manner.

We hope that Alaçatı will become a preferred holiday destination for guests from all over the world.