With its yellow sand, glistening sea, ice cold water, Çeşme Peninsula is home to wonderful beaches. Those who come to Çeşme know it well that the direction of the winder determines which beach to go and where to enjoy the sea.

At north-wind the best options are Kum Beach & Madeo (Alaçatı), Alaçatı 11 (Alaçatı Beach Resort – Alaçatı),  Fly Inn & Bej (Altınkum), Fun Beach (Altınkum) and Lost (Altınkum).

At south-west wind best places to enjoy are: Before Sunset (Ovacık), Çeşme 7800 (Boyalık), Quente (Ardıç), Laika(Paşalimanı), Ilıca Halk Plajı (Ilıca)


Even though Aya Yorgi beach, which always has a preserved condition regardless of the wind, is full of clubs; Paparazi, the oldest and the most characteristic club in the cove still offers pleasant hours in the sun. You can prefer going to Paparazi with lounges both on the se aside and at the back on the grass, when there’s heavy wind or when the sea is cold at other places.

Kafe Pi located in Hekimler cove right after Aya Yorgi, is good both at the north and south-west wind, and has a very young crowd. 

Our favourites are the ones maintaining their simplicity, which are Kum BeachBefore SunsetLost and Paparazi.