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With its yellow sand, glistening sea and ice cold water, Çeşme Peninsula is home to wonderful beaches. Those who come to Çeşme know it well that the direction of the wind determines which beach to go and where to enjoy the sea.

At north-wind the best catered beach club options are: Plage Isolee (Alaçatı), Before Sunset (Ovacık),  Alaçatı 11 (Alaçatı Beach Resort – Alaçatı),  Paradiso (Deliklikoy – Ovacık), Fly Inn (Altınkum), Fun Beach (Altınkum) and Lost Beach (Altınkum). At north-wind also Deliklikoy (an isolated bay and uncatered public beach) is a great option. 


Deliklikoy is a public beach where you can bring your own beach chairs and towels, and enjoy the pristine waters on your own. Bay of Delikli, located between Alaçatı and Ovacık, is a virgin, unspoiled beauty of the nature where you can jump to the sea from the rocks or enjoy the marvelous sunsets it has to offer. If you park your car, walk through the shore and see the shape of the rocks near, you can understand the meaning behind the name of the bay. While the rocks which have been washed by the wild wind and waves for hundreds of years lay by the sea horizontally, the hole inside the giant rock which is located at the point where the seashore and the sea become integrated, is the reason why it is called ‘delikli’ (means; holey/spongey). The place is popular among those who prefer swimming in a natural habitat rather than beach clubs. You can enjoy the tranquility and stillness of the blue, or peacefully watch the breathtaking sunsets between November and February.

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At south-west wind best places to enjoy are: Çeşme 7800 (Boyalık), Quente (Ardıç), Laika (Paşalimanı), Momo (Dalyanköy) and Ilıca Public Beach (Uncatered).



Even though Aya Yorgi beach, which is always protected from the wind is full of clubs; Paparazi, the oldest and the most characteristic club in the cove still offers pleasant hours under the sun. You can enjoy Paparazi on lounges that are placed both on the seaside and at the back on the grass, when there’s heavy wind or when the sea is cold at other places.

Our favourites are: Delikli Koy, Ilıca Beach, Plage Isolee, Before Sunset and Paparazi.