Arts & Shop

Arts & Shops

The Arts & Crafts  Galleries and Ateliers we love in Alaçatı  are:  Kırmızı Ardıç Kuşu Art Gallery, Serap Yurdaer Ceramics, Terra Cotta Ceramics, Aysun Yenice Mozaic, Tilan Atelier, Bro Art & Ceramics Gallery, Art Shop Alaçatı ve Perispiri Alaçatı .


  • Bazen Alaçatı art & design shop is home to successfull Turkish design brands & creative artworks and also conducts workshops & talks on arts, design and art of living. With hats, bags, dresses, jewelry, photographs, sculptures, home accessories, soaps, waist cloths designed by various artists and olive products, Banu’s shop is where you will find the most authentic clothing, jewelry and home Design items for in Alaçatı.
  • Eski Tütün Dükkanı: A wonderland full of home textile, indoor design, clothing & accessories. You can find authentic glass, ceramics, wood works, tiles and home accessories, clothing items, colorful bags, hand made jewelry, homemade pillow cases, table cloths & breakfast mats here.
  • Terra Cotta, Tucked away in the back streets of Hacı Memiş, this is a heaven for ceramic lovers. You can choose between colorful hand made ceramic bowls, cups, accessories, decorative items, or you can attend ceramic workshops to learn how to make your own designs.
  • Sofilya; Alaçatı’s new bookstore & cafe.
  • Lisa Corti: owned by Carolina Telese, one of the loveliest women in Alaçatı who has a wonderful taste. The colorful shop, where you can find colorful kaftans, shawls, pillows, cloths, cover-ups, wraps and hats with design patterns an, will make you feel like you’re in a scene from Alice in Wonderland.
  • Eskiden, located in a beautiful old stone building is a must visit place for antique lovers. It has wonderful old glass demijohns, wooden dough bowls and various authentic items.
  • Art Shop that exhibits & sells wonderful paintings and sculptures belonging to Turkish artists.
  • Pupe & Kırmızı Ardıç Kuşu art gallery which exhibits marvelous art works and design objects and clothes
  • Evvelzaman with antique furniture, enamels and door embellishments
  • Fuşya, selling antique furniture, home decoration items and clothing designs in Ottoman style.
  • Bashaques, a concept store bringing together clothing and accessories with indoor design.
  • Kartpostal selling wonderful designs with butterfly patterns and specially made & packaged Turkish coffee
  • Sign, where you can find various items in clothing, jewelry, accessories and indoor design.
  • Matrak Sanat Evi, selling Anatolian cultural objects, furniture, accessories and antiques.
  • Sakula, a tiny shop with handmade wooden wing chairs, stools, bedside cabinets, colorful pillows, clots and decorative objects.
  • Be-Dest is a dreamy shop. They have an amazing collection of porcelain, enamel and glass items, handmade wood works and ceramics, antique doors, tables and cabinets.
  • Rue 1397 is a design shop, selling indoor design items such as home textiles, candles and furniture.
  • Heavenly Made, an art gallery with recycled items and a design workshop.
  • Arts & Crafts, with wonderful indoor design items made of ceramic, felt and other textiles.
  • Oz Design selling wonderful designer t-shirts and jewelry.
  • Vakko Mare sells summer clothing & furniture and sailing accessories.



Kemalpaşa street is now full of restaurants and shops:

  • İstLondon – They have a large variety of almost paper thin porcelains with clean forms that can fit in seamlessly with any home interior. Their main inspiration comes from shapes instead of patterns and motifs, so their designs are quite simplistic and minimal.
  • Mitu Dükkan isat the entrance of Alavya Hotel on Kemalpaşa Street, and offers the FEY collection of clothing items and accessories designed by famous fashion designer Fatoş Yalın.
  • Kubiba is a hand made jewellery atelier and shop, where you can find unique and genuine designs.
  • Alaçatı Dost Kitabevi is another beautiful place in Alaçatı. The 20 years old bookstore of Dost Kitabevi is among the most significant cultural treasures in Alaçatı. The shop is owned by Ömer Önal, an intellectual, who was born and raised in Alaçatı. The tradition of bringing readers with authors together began with Aziz Nesin’s autograph sessions 20 years ago. This tradition still continues and each year Turkey’s most important authors from Kemal Anadol, Uğur Dündar, Ayşe Kulin to Muazzez İlmiye Çığ, Aret Vartanyan and Elif Şafak come here to meet readers and sign books.
  • Another bookstore Keyfekeder Kitapçısı, is a great place to spend a few hours in the village. It is a shop of happiness granted to the village with its books, design notebooks and bookmarks, design objects, surprise galleries, author days and lovely reading corners with sofas and joyful tea sessions. You shouldn’t miss Attila Durak’s gallery, Alper Hasanoğlu and Yankı Yazgan’s meeting days.
  • Atölye Yağhane is another value of Alaçatı, open throughout the year. An old oil factory turned into an activity center. In this wonderful place open to Alaçatı’s locals and guests; ceramics, tile art, scarf and music workshops take place for free.

Arts & Shop

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