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We are Alaçatı lovers for 25 years and residents for 10 years. We watch the development of Alaçatı with pride & astonishment. We admire the slow paced village life, cobblestoned streets with magnificent old stone houses, pink bougainvillea, blue jasmines rising from stone walls, orange and red geraniums flowing from the windows, sweet & dazzling smell of blooming white jasmines, continuous breeze that keeps the village cool and enables us to surf throughout the year, invigorating & refreshing sea with its pristine clear and chilly water, delicious Agean food & wine.

We want to contribute to worldwide awareness of Alaçatı, create a global reputation meanwhile help the village to develop & transformation in an healty manner.

We hope that Alaçatı will become a preferred holiday destination for guests from all over the world.