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ın 2003, when there was no other place to go in Alaçatı, Agrilia was here.

With the efforts of a real artist; namely Chef Melih Teksen, Agrilia has been one of the two places (the other is Taş Otel) that became to pioneers of Alaçatı.

Managing to maintain its spirit, taste and attention, Agrilia has moved just across its original building into the lovely building & garden of Alavya Hotel on Kemal Paşa Street.

The major highlight of Agrillia is its uniquely gourmet and experimental tastes. Melih Teksen, who has never left his kitchen, is definitely the most creative chef I get to know to this day. He picks every ingredient he uses by himself and adds new tastes to the menu every year. His kekre vodka made with poppy flowers collected and specially prepared by him is now rediscovered after its first appearance in his Istanbul restaurant 12 years ago. The new hit cocktail of this summer is Tamarind Bourbon with Hollyhock with a pinch of lime and ginger.

Beetroot & pear & spinach salad, courgette & apricot & Siyez wheat & rocket salad, oriental salad with fennel, purslane salad with grapes, stuffed wine leaves with grilled sardines, homemade smoked beef, Kokoreç (grilled lamb intestines) with artichoke paste, calamari stew,  fava bean puree with sweetbread, liver with grapefruit and sweet potato, Parma ham with fig, apple & turkey ragu tortelloni, risotto with quail, smoked beef & vodka tagliolini,  arthicoke & fennel fond papardelle, proscuitto mushroom ragout, herbs meatball,  smoked beef burger with pistachio, lamb cutlets, marinated or dry aged lomo or bife ancho, chicken confit with Siyez wheat, profiterol and affogato are the gems of Agrilia.

Agrillia is by far the most unique restaurant I’ve ever seen and experienced.

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