Apero is the latest addition to Alaçatı’s gastronomy scene. This lovely boulangerie & patisserie & bistro has opened in Alaçatı in July 2019. Founded by the talented pastry chef Nas and her lovely partner Cem, this place is full of delicious pastries, fresh cakes, tasty brownies & cookies, bruschettas and original sandwiches. You can make a perfect start to your day with avocado omlette, fritata, home made granola, and continue with lunch and supper with Apero toast, club sandwich or roast beef sandwich. Also freshly made cheesecakes, brownies, almond cakes are very delicious.


Set in an old stone building hidden in the cobblestone streets of Alaçatı; Karina is a cozy restaurant serving seafood. Tables with white cloths, colorful pillows, freshly picked flowers and beautiful music that is played in the background create a peaceful atmosphere. The menu is composed of delicious dishes including Aegean herbs salad, pasta with seafood, shrimps baked in milk, octopus served with aubergine puree and fish varieties such as sardines, mackerel and sea bass cooked with different methods.


Opened in 2019 just 1 km outside of Alaçatı on the way to Ovacık, Yeni Yer is our new happy place that offers an amazing gastronomy experience. You can spend a whole day at Yeni Yer’s beautiful green garden surrounded by trees – start the day with a delicious breakfast, have lunch under the trees, sip a cocktail while listening to relax chillout music in the afternoon and enjoy your dinner. Instead of serving traditional Turkish breakfast, they offer a breakfast experience with a twist, as their breakfast menu is composed of original and modern recipes including homemade granola with cream cheese & peach puree, oatmeal with puffed buckwheat, pepper and cheese, orange and mandarin pieces served with lemon curd, clotted cream and honey, rocket salad with purslane, avocado, tomatoes and cucumbers, and home made sourdough bread; all made by Elçin Hanım, who formerly run Kupa Alaçatı. You can also buy their various sourdough breads (the ones with walnut and pumpkin seed are our favorites) to take home with you. The lunch menu includes toasted sandwiches, scrambled eggs with potatoes, cakes, quiche varieties, cookies, while dinner menu, that is served afet 7 PM is full of signature recipes such as peach salad with homemade ricotta & quince leather, gazpacho style lentil soup, artichoke panzanella, sea herbs salad, smoked mackerel salad, tzatziki, hummus with orange, purslane patty with shrimps, calf cheek, brisket with rice, marinated sardines and salt-baked fish.

horasan (4)

Horasan, in Çeşme Town, is one of our favourite ‘seafood’ places, and considered to be a classic now. The ‘masters of fish grilling’ Ahmet and Kezban Horasan couple, serve creative and delicious recipes in their garden under the lemon and bergamot trees in Çeşme.

Our favorites in their ever-growing menu are Girit tapas with zucchini and walnut, grilled ‘sepet’ cheese (a type of cheese made from the mixture of goat, cow and sheep milk) shrimp tartar blended with avocado, strawberry and hot red pepper, bonito sashimi, shrimp carpaccio, salmon pastrami, grilled sardine, crispy shrimps, seafood tagliatelle and San Sebastian style cheesecake. (Reservation is necessary – 0 232 712 74 69, credit cards are not accepted)



If you are one of those that think ‘the secret of a happy life is to start the day with a good breakfast’, then you will be completely taken by the tastes of Bumba; a family business located in a small, colorful garden.

The breakfast is a real feast with the variety of cheese, fresh picked cucumbers and tomatoes & homemade jams they serve. A type of cheese mixed with red pepper, milk and black cumin seed, salty curd cheese with chili pepper and tomato, sweet curd cheese with black mulberry, olives, acuka (walnut sauce with red pepper) black mulberry essence on strained yoghurt) butterfat with honey and red&green fresh peppers are among the highlights of the place.

You can also enjoy your breakfast with herbs and cheese omelette, menemen (typical Turkish style egg prepared with tomatoes and fresh green peppers) and scrambled eggs. Bumba will also please you with its reasonable prices.


Located in the most central street of Alaçatı, namely Kemal Paşa; Arven has a heavenly garden that offers tranquility far from the crowds. Upon entering, you will first see the wine boutique of Arven, feel free to look at the shelves and get ready to be impressed by the large selection of wine which are all produced from the grapes grown in fertile lands of Turkey.

Mr Erol, owner of the boutique and restaurant, is a passionate wine lover who has vast knowledge on each bottle in his shop: he can give you detailed information on them, including their origin, types of grapes used, density, attribution and body. Amadeus, Antioche, Arcadia, Arda, Barbare, Barel, Buradan, Büyülübağ, Chateau Gali, Chateau Kalpak, Chateau Nuzun, Chamlija, Corvus, Çamlıbağ, Doluca, Eskibağlar, Egebağ, Kavaklıdere, Kayra, Kocabağ, Kuzeybağ, Lucien Arkas, Likya, Ma’adra, Mozaik, Nif, Öktem, Pamukkale, Paşaeli, Prodom, Sevilen, Suvla, Selendi, Shiluh, Şatomet, Saranta, Turasan, Umurbey, Urla, Urlice, Usca, Vino Dessera, Vinkara, Vinero, Vinolus, Yazgan and Yedi Bilgeler are among the brands sold in this shop – some of them you probably never heard of but we guarantee that you will be amazed by their flavours.

Pick your favorite wine and go straight the corridor next to the boutique, soon you’ll get to meet the beautiful garden with lemon and pomegranate trees, amazing smell of lavender trees accompanied by a smooth jazz music behind and tasty meals in the menu.

Our favourites are Mücver (zucchini fritters), Kars Gravyer in wok (a strong type of yellow cheese produced in eastern city of Turkey, Kars), ‘Patlıcan baklavası’ (a type of sauteed eggplant), Giritli Kabak (zucchini in olive oil) beet carpaccio, braised liver, İspanyol Karides salata (shrimp salad in Spanish style) pizza varieties with tenderloin, seafood or four cheese and several other main courses such as: rib steak, veal ribs, lamb shank and poached seabass.

After the feast you have experienced in the garden of a 150 years old historical house, you will always want to return back to Arven to experience new wines paired with the tastes from the menu.

Please note that Arven also has a small hotel that offers a few beautifully renovated rooms to stay in the upper floor of this beautiful old house.

kaffe1 (2)

The best coffee in Çeşme peninsula is definitely served at Kaffe, that moved to Alaçatı from Bazaar Çeşme in February 2019, a hangout place for locals of Alaçatı and open for 12 months.

Kaffe is one of the places which adds a value to the town with its rich tastes of 3rd wave coffees from Guatemala, Colombia, Kenya, Ethiopia, the marvelous walls covered with illustrations of Alaçatı, lovely coffee packages, freshly baked croissants, brownie and cookies.

Nejat and Namık, escaping from the hustle & bustle of Istanbul have opened Kaffe where they serve tasty coffee in a beautiful ambiance enriched with the warm chit chats they offer.

Kaffe has a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere and is always full with its regulars. If the secret of starting a good day is a good coffee, then Kaffe is definitely the right address.

bom dia 2019 (4)

Alaçatı residents met a perfect place with a tasty breakfast & lunch service last year – namely Bom Dia; which is at the same time a good place for a good hamburger and a beer. This is a lovely place with a cute garden surrounded by nice people and good food, for those longing to escape from the crowds of the streets.

As well as a very good breakfast that includes beet with strained yoghurt, quince with ginger, homemade jams such as raspberry, granola, sweet curd cheese with maple syrup, salty curd cheese with spices, walnut and grated lemon, avocado and smoked salmon toasts; they also serve salads with fig and goat cheese, vegan salads with spinach and strawberries/pomegranate, Kiteburger with tarragon sauce and caramelized onion, daily made desserts such as oreo cheesecake, plum and almond pie, brownie with white chocolate or sweet potato and fresh smoothies, lemonades, fresh tea selection that includes mint, rosemary & thyme tea and cocktails made with little mandarins…

The tastefully decorated place that is full of energy thanks to the young kitesurfer owners Yasemin and her sister, offers a fresh ambiance that makes you connect to the place immediately.

We definitely recommend Bom Dia for starting the day with fresh tastes or pamper yourself with hamburger&beer&fries after long hours in the sea.

0539 811 0167/ 2500 Sokak No:38

You will see Bom Dia while driving to Surfers beach from the Alaçatı Çamlık road on the right side.

tarla alacati (1)

Tarla Alaçatı is a newly opened heaven-like garden between Alaçatı and Ovacık.

If you like having a delicious breakfast under the pine & palm trees with a fresh breeze accompanied by the orchestra of the crickets, walking barefoot on grass, reading on swings, sleeping in a hammock, here is definitely your place.

Lara and Vito has opened their 20 hectares family land to the guests to share their passion to this field with nature and food lovers.

Every morning, before the visitors arrive in, they pick fresh mints, thymes & parsleys from the garden which fill the kitchen with a fresh smell. The morning routine is followed by delivering eggs from the chickens and olives from the trees.

Homemade lavender, thyme, mint, strawberry, pear, fig, lemon, rose, tomato jams, olives marinated with lavender and filled with orange, butter, variety of cheese, sweet curd cheese with black mulberry are being served. ‘Humus’ spread on the sourdough ‘Germiyan’ bread with a poached egg is definitely the highlight of the menu.

Bread with avocado and mushroom, egg with sausage and hellim (a type of cottage cheese), börekitas (pastries filled with different ingredients as cheese, eggplant, potato), menemen (Turkish style eggs prepared by tomatoes and fresh green peppers) and ‘gözleme’ (traditional Turkish pastry prepared with different ingredientes) are also among our favorites.

Lara and Vito say that ‘fresh is always the best’ and their positive energy can be felt everywhere in the place, where you can also have your basket filled with different cheese varieties, snacks and wine to have a picnic anywhere in the land.

In addition to all that, eco and nature lovers Suzi and Avi organize workshops and events such as Terrarium, Soap&Bread workshops, Mandala drawing sessions with kids and Breathing Techniques classes in Tarla Alaçatı. You can get all the details from their pages in Instagram & Facebook or call them by phone for detailed information.



Fish, meze ( Turkish tapas) & Rakı (Turskish Ouzo) in Fahri’s Place…

Fahri, which has been a classic address for seafood lovers for the past 15 years, was renovated in 2016 and became a much stylish place after the long years it was addressed as ‘down at heels’.

Preserving its spirit as a ‘family business’, Fahri is still the most modest, comfortable and friendly fish restaurant in Alaçatı, yet the quality of the food they offer increase every year.

Salads prepared by fresh herbs, roasted eggplant, seabream, atom (strained yoghurt with red hot peppers), fava (broad bean paste), roasted herbs, grilled octopus and the freshly caught fishes grilled by Fahri himself are among our favourites.

It’s a delight to the eye to watch the sunset behind the colorful fishing boats in the fishing port, so be sure to spare an afternoon here.