Located in the most central street of Alaçatı, namely Kemal Paşa; Arven has a heavenly garden that offers tranquility far from the crowds. Upon entering, you will first see the wine boutique of Arven, feel free to look at the shelves and get ready to be impressed by the large selection of wine which are all produced from the grapes grown in fertile lands of Turkey.

Mr Erol, owner of the boutique and restaurant, is a passionate wine lover who has vast knowledge on each bottle in his shop: he can give you detailed information on them, including their origin, types of grapes used, density, attribution and body. Amadeus, Antioche, Arcadia, Arda, Barbare, Barel, Buradan, Büyülübağ, Chateau Gali, Chateau Kalpak, Chateau Nuzun, Chamlija, Corvus, Çamlıbağ, Doluca, Eskibağlar, Egebağ, Kavaklıdere, Kayra, Kocabağ, Kuzeybağ, Lucien Arkas, Likya, Ma’adra, Mozaik, Nif, Öktem, Pamukkale, Paşaeli, Prodom, Sevilen, Suvla, Selendi, Shiluh, Şatomet, Saranta, Turasan, Umurbey, Urla, Urlice, Usca, Vino Dessera, Vinkara, Vinero, Vinolus, Yazgan and Yedi Bilgeler are among the brands sold in this shop – some of them you probably never heard of but we guarantee that you will be amazed by their flavours.

Pick your favorite wine and go straight the corridor next to the boutique, soon you’ll get to meet the beautiful garden with lemon and pomegranate trees, amazing smell of lavender trees accompanied by a smooth jazz music behind and tasty meals in the menu.

Our favourites are Mücver (zucchini fritters), Kars Gravyer in wok (a strong type of yellow cheese produced in eastern city of Turkey, Kars), ‘Patlıcan baklavası’ (a type of sauteed eggplant), Giritli Kabak (zucchini in olive oil) beet carpaccio, braised liver, İspanyol Karides salata (shrimp salad in Spanish style) pizza varieties with tenderloin, seafood or four cheese and several other main courses such as: rib steak, veal ribs, lamb shank and poached seabass.

After the feast you have experienced in the garden of a 150 years old historical house, you will always want to return back to Arven to experience new wines paired with the tastes from the menu.


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