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Alaçatı residents met a perfect place with a tasty breakfast & lunch service last year – namely Bom Dia; which is at the same time a good place for a good hamburger and a beer. This is a lovely place with a cute garden surrounded by nice people and good food, for those longing to escape from the crowds of the streets.

As well as a very good breakfast that includes beet with strained yoghurt, quince with ginger, homemade jams such as raspberry, granola, sweet curd cheese with maple syrup, salty curd cheese with spices, walnut and grated lemon, avocado and smoked salmon toasts; they also serve salads with fig and goat cheese, vegan salads with spinach and strawberries/pomegranate, Kiteburger with tarragon sauce and caramelized onion, daily made desserts such as oreo cheesecake, plum and almond pie, brownie with white chocolate or sweet potato and fresh smoothies, lemonades, fresh tea selection that includes mint, rosemary & thyme tea and cocktails made with little mandarins…

The tastefully decorated place that is full of energy thanks to the young kitesurfer owners Yasemin and her sister, offers a fresh ambiance that makes you connect to the place immediately.

We definitely recommend Bom Dia for starting the day with fresh tastes or pamper yourself with hamburger&beer&fries after long hours in the sea.

0539 811 0167/ 2500 Sokak No:38

You will see Bom Dia while driving to Surfers beach from the Alaçatı Çamlık road on the right side.

tarla alacati (1)

Tarla Alaçatı is a newly opened heaven-like garden between Alaçatı and Ovacık.

If you like having a delicious breakfast under the pine & palm trees with a fresh breeze accompanied by the orchestra of the crickets, walking barefoot on grass, reading on swings, sleeping in a hammock, here is definitely your place.

Lara and Vito has opened their 20 hectares family land to the guests to share their passion to this field with nature and food lovers.

Every morning, before the visitors arrive in, they pick fresh mints, thymes & parsleys from the garden which fill the kitchen with a fresh smell. The morning routine is followed by delivering eggs from the chickens and olives from the trees.

Homemade lavender, thyme, mint, strawberry, pear, fig, lemon, rose, tomato jams, olives marinated with lavender and filled with orange, butter, variety of cheese, sweet curd cheese with black mulberry are being served. ‘Humus’ spread on the sourdough ‘Germiyan’ bread with a poached egg is definitely the highlight of the menu.

Bread with avocado and mushroom, egg with sausage and hellim (a type of cottage cheese), börekitas (pastries filled with different ingredients as cheese, eggplant, potato), menemen (Turkish style eggs prepared by tomatoes and fresh green peppers) and ‘gözleme’ (traditional Turkish pastry prepared with different ingredientes) are also among our favorites.

Lara and Vito say that ‘fresh is always the best’ and their positive energy can be felt everywhere in the place, where you can also have your basket filled with different cheese varieties, snacks and wine to have a picnic anywhere in the land.

In addition to all that, eco and nature lovers Suzi and Avi organize workshops and events such as Terrarium, Soap&Bread workshops, Mandala drawing sessions with kids and Breathing Techniques classes in Tarla Alaçatı. You can get all the details from their pages in Instagram & Facebook or call them by phone for detailed information.



Fish, meze ( Turkish tapas) & Rakı (Turskish Ouzo) in Fahri’s Place…

Fahri, which has been a classic address for seafood lovers for the past 15 years, was renovated in 2016 and became a much stylish place after the long years it was addressed as ‘down at heels’.

Preserving its spirit as a ‘family business’, Fahri is still the most modest, comfortable and friendly fish restaurant in Alaçatı, yet the quality of the food they offer increase every year.

Salads prepared by fresh herbs, roasted eggplant, seabream, atom (strained yoghurt with red hot peppers), fava (broad bean paste), roasted herbs, grilled octopus and the freshly caught fishes grilled by Fahri himself are among our favourites.

It’s a delight to the eye to watch the sunset behind the colorful fishing boats in the fishing port, so be sure to spare an afternoon here.


In the winter of 2018,  OdUrla opened its doors to the public in Urla where you can find one of the most prized and refined flavors among the olive trees.

OdUrla offers an exquisite gastronomy experience with creative recipes made with local ingredients, all served in carefully selected handmade ceramic plates. Wooden displays & elegant wine glasses accompanied with a professional service approach adds to the quality of the place.

You will reach the wonderful glass covered steel building after driving among vineyards and gardens followed by a short walk through the olive trees. When you enter the beautiful building famous with its high ceiling, you get a feeling of content and relief, as if you are in the wild.

If you prefer to sit at the bar stools centered among the huge oven and kitchen, you can watch all the dishes while being prepared. If you have a group of friends with you, the round and long tables are ideal. With each course, young chefs visit your table to tell you about the ingredients and methods used while preparing the dish with enthusiasm. New additions and changes are made to the menu every month, since only seasonal products are used.

We were all delighted by the peanut cream grilled asparagus, sweet tomato salad, cacık (yoghurt with some water, cucumber and fresh mint), a kind of mushroom (in Latin; boletus edulis) and barley noodle with veal tail, beef tenderloin with darüfulfül (a type of black pepper), lamb chop with celery puree, lamb sausage with Aegean herbs, duck cooked in sweet wine with root vegetables, tahini halva, pumpkin with ice cream and cinnamon, pear dessert with nutmeg and almond puree, meringue with olives and peppermint chocolate with sweet tomato.

If you wish, you can try the ‘Tasting Menu from the Land’ that consists of 7 different courses or the ‘Tasting Menu from the Sea’ consisting of 5 different courses with wine pairing. Our compliments go to Osman Sezener (son of Günter Sezener, the founder of Pizza Venedik who started the project “grace of kitchen and guest’) who created this fantastic ‘modern gastronomic experience centre’ by bringing the culinary and architecture together.

It is clear that it will be fun to eat in this beautiful place during the summer, although OdUrla is open throughout the year. For those who want to stay, Zeytinlik Hotel next to Odurla offers a warm, home like stay among the olive trees.



Opened in 2018 in Kuşçular Village by Seray and Ozan couple, (8037 Sok. No:3) Vino Locale is a perfect address for gastronomy lovers, that is also included in the ‘Urla Vineyard Route’.

The elegantly designed stone building located in a green garden, perfectly represent the architecture, hospitality and authenticity of the region. Their constantly changing menu includes tastes prepared from fresh local ingredients such as artichokes and olives, guaranteed to offer a real feast to your soul.

Ozan, son of a working mother and father started to cook at the age of 8 with recipes of Emine Beder, a famous Turkish food columnist, has developed his kitchen skills and started inviting his friends to serve his pastas, meats and chocolate pastries. After working in the kitchens of Mia Mensa and Hyatt Regency Hotel, he married Seray whom he fell in love with at the university. After that, they started to dream together of creating a gastronomy address that offers changing tasting menus with seasonal fresh products from the land and trees, and living in the green landscape of Urla that resembles countrysides of Italy or France.

They have completed the construction in 6 months after they bought the garden in Yağcılar village. Vino Locale is the outcome of a creative and passionate story that takes its guests to a journey among the handmade tastes. No frozen products are used in their recipes and all the ingredients are fresh and seasonal.

Seray, the landlady, adds her elegant and delightful taste to every detail including presentation, service, music, ambiance and decoration. You can feel the excitement of this young couple as soon as you enter the building and can’t help but admire their talent about creating experimental and creative tastes where every month means another journey in their cuisine.

We strongly recommend you to visit this gastronomy address which is open throughout the year. Since it is a restaurant serving alcohol, there’s an age limit of 15 and the maximum capacity of the place is 30 persons, so reservation is recommended.

We should also add that Vino Locale has been rewarded 3 “pearls” in İncili Gastronomy Awards.


Located in Ovacık, Buradan Wineyards is a new wine producer which defines its goal to as “producing the best rose and red wines from the grapes grown in the region”. 

Buradan is both a vineyard and a wine producer that respects motherearth and dedicated to women who works in the fields. In Buradan, the women work in all areas – from picking the grapes to managing all process of wine, designing wine bottles, graphics, labels and naming the wines. Vineyards, grapes and wines here are outcomes of the passion towards the region’s geography, culture, people, love and crops, thus it feels as if they tell a love story in their forms, spirits, textures, colors, smells and tastes. The journey of Buradan wines from the land to the bottle is carried out by the talented and meticulous hands of Tina Lino. The curved bottles in the shape of a woman body are brought from France and Italy. Their rose wine, named ‘Şirin’ and produced carefully from ‘Grenache’ grapes has a refined taste. 

We would like to share some exciting news from Buradan Wines below.

  • A new red wine named ‘Fidan’, produced from Tempranillio grapes was presented to winelovers’ taste in fall 2018 and the income was donated to the ‘Buradan Foundation’ which develops projects in order to support the women in the region. 
  • Michelin starred Chef David Chang’s restaurant ‘Momofuku Ssambar’, one of the most popular restaurants in New York has added ‘Şirin Rose’ to its menu, which is the first ever Turkish wine served there. 

Give them a call to arrange a visit in order to taste and buy the wines of Buradan, located at a valley where you can watch amazing sunsets overlooking the Chios island in Ovacık region. You can also taste and buy their wines at Alaçatı Köşe Kahve, Arven Wine Boutique, Restoran and The Stay Warehouse Hotel. ‘Şirin’ is also ready to accompany your summer days in the most beautiful beaches in Çeşme Peninsula.

port niyazi restaurant 1

Alaçatı Marina is the gateway of Alaçatı to Aegean sea. Sailing boats, fishermen boats and yachts line up right next to each other, and the marina is an heaven for fresh daily fish and seafood.

Located there, Port Balık with its delicious and fresh appetizers, salads, mezes such as roasted eggplant, salicornia, mashed broad beans, grilled calamari, stewed octopus & grouper fish is one of our favorite seafood restaurants in Alaçatı.

The best thing about Port Balık is that you get to dine in a very quiet and decent atmosphere without getting involved with the crowd and rumble of other fish restaurants. Port Niyazi is open throughout the year and considered to be one of the classics of Alaçatı.

papazz (2)

If you are looking for an exquisite experience in Alaçatı where you can feel a family-like hospitality, Pappaz is the place to go.

Sebla and Murat İleri decided to open the doors of their 4 generations old beautiful stone home to visitors as a restaurant after renovating it in 2016. Murat is the one behind everything coming out of the kitchen: fresh green salats, softly grilled baby calamaris, fantastic grilled jumbo shrimps, stuffed cauliflower, dolma wrapped in grape leaf, seared carrots in yogurt, marine cornice and many more meze, plus rice with artichoke, legendary tandoor or tasty meatballs as main dishes, finally desserts such as sesame paste baklava, “kazandibi” a milk pudding slightly burnt at the bottom or the creme caramel.

All the sauces used in Pappaz, from tomato sauces to pastes and mustards is also homemade. Murat’s wife Sebla takes care of the poetically cozy atmosphere of this place and runs the operation, taking care of the customers personally. In the summer months, their daughter Serra gives them a hand at the restaurant.

Winters go by movie nights, chimney talks or plays, together with delicious food, making Papazz a perfect spot; be it winter or summer.

agrilla (4)

ın 2003, when there was no other place to go in Alaçatı, Agrilia was here.

With the efforts of a real artist; namely Chef Melih Teksen, Agrilia has been one of the two places (the other is Taş Otel) that became to pioneers of Alaçatı.

Managing to maintain its spirit, taste and attention, Agrilia has moved just across its original building into the lovely building & garden of Alavya Hotel on Kemal Paşa Street.

The major highlight of Agrillia is its uniquely gourmet and experimental tastes. Melih Teksen, who has never left his kitchen, is definitely the most creative chef I get to know to this day. He picks every ingredient he uses by himself and adds new tastes to the menu every year. His kekre vodka made with poppy flowers collected and specially prepared by him is now rediscovered after its first appearance in his Istanbul restaurant 12 years ago. The new hit cocktail of this summer is Tamarind Bourbon with Hollyhock with a pinch of lime and ginger.

Beetroot & pear & spinach salad, courgette & apricot & Siyez wheat & rocket salad, oriental salad with fennel, purslane salad with grapes, stuffed wine leaves with grilled sardines, homemade smoked beef, Kokoreç (grilled lamb intestines) with artichoke paste, calamari stew,  fava bean puree with sweetbread, liver with grapefruit and sweet potato, Parma ham with fig, apple & turkey ragu tortelloni, risotto with quail, smoked beef & vodka tagliolini,  arthicoke & fennel fond papardelle, proscuitto mushroom ragout, herbs meatball,  smoked beef burger with pistachio, lamb cutlets, marinated or dry aged lomo or bife ancho, chicken confit with Siyez wheat, profiterol and affogato are the gems of Agrilia.

Agrillia is by far the most unique restaurant I’ve ever seen and experienced.

botanist (1)

Opened in 2019, Botanist became the new gem of Alaçatı amongst locals, during evenings and nights to enjoy great coctails and music.

With amazing, original and fresh cocktails made with multifarious herbs, spices, flowers and fruits, great juice and smoothie options , it is the perfect place to spend your evenings with friends.

Carefully curated music help you enjoy their creative cocktails. It is no wonder Botanist has become one of favorites in Alaçatı very shortly after it opened its doors.