Fish, meze ( Turkish tapas) & Rakı (Turskish Ouzo) in Fahri’s Place…

Fahri, which has been a classic address for seafood lovers for the past 15 years, was renovated in 2016 and became a much stylish place after the long years it was addressed as ‘down at heels’.

Preserving its spirit as a ‘family business’, Fahri is still the most modest, comfortable and friendly fish restaurant in Alaçatı, yet the quality of the food they offer increase every year.

Salads prepared by fresh herbs, roasted eggplant, seabream, atom (strained yoghurt with red hot peppers), fava (broad bean paste), roasted herbs, grilled octopus and the freshly caught fishes grilled by Fahri himself are among our favourites.

It’s a delight to the eye to watch the sunset behind the colorful fishing boats in the fishing port, so be sure to spare an afternoon here.

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