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Tarla Alaçatı is a newly opened heaven-like garden between Alaçatı and Ovacık.

If you like having a delicious breakfast under the pine & palm trees with a fresh breeze accompanied by the orchestra of the crickets, walking barefoot on grass, reading on swings, sleeping in a hammock, here is definitely your place.

Lara and Vito has opened their 20 hectares family land to the guests to share their passion to this field with nature and food lovers.

Every morning, before the visitors arrive in, they pick fresh mints, thymes & parsleys from the garden which fill the kitchen with a fresh smell. The morning routine is followed by delivering eggs from the chickens and olives from the trees.

Homemade lavender, thyme, mint, strawberry, pear, fig, lemon, rose, tomato jams, olives marinated with lavender and filled with orange, butter, variety of cheese, sweet curd cheese with black mulberry are being served. ‘Humus’ spread on the sourdough ‘Germiyan’ bread with a poached egg is definitely the highlight of the menu.

Bread with avocado and mushroom, egg with sausage and hellim (a type of cottage cheese), börekitas (pastries filled with different ingredients as cheese, eggplant, potato), menemen (Turkish style eggs prepared by tomatoes and fresh green peppers) and ‘gözleme’ (traditional Turkish pastry prepared with different ingredientes) are also among our favorites.

Lara and Vito say that ‘fresh is always the best’ and their positive energy can be felt everywhere in the place, where you can also have your basket filled with different cheese varieties, snacks and wine to have a picnic anywhere in the land.

In addition to all that, eco and nature lovers Suzi and Avi organize workshops and events such as Terrarium, Soap&Bread workshops, Mandala drawing sessions with kids and Breathing Techniques classes in Tarla Alaçatı. You can get all the details from their pages in Instagram & Facebook or call them by phone for detailed information.


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