In the winter of 2018,  OdUrla opened its doors to the public in Urla where you can find one of the most prized and refined flavors among the olive trees.

OdUrla offers an exquisite gastronomy experience with creative recipes made with local ingredients, all served in carefully selected handmade ceramic plates. Wooden displays & elegant wine glasses accompanied with a professional service approach adds to the quality of the place.

You will reach the wonderful glass covered steel building after driving among vineyards and gardens followed by a short walk through the olive trees. When you enter the beautiful building famous with its high ceiling, you get a feeling of content and relief, as if you are in the wild.

If you prefer to sit at the bar stools centered among the huge oven and kitchen, you can watch all the dishes while being prepared. If you have a group of friends with you, the round and long tables are ideal. With each course, young chefs visit your table to tell you about the ingredients and methods used while preparing the dish with enthusiasm. New additions and changes are made to the menu every month, since only seasonal products are used.

We were all delighted by the peanut cream grilled asparagus, sweet tomato salad, cacık (yoghurt with some water, cucumber and fresh mint), a kind of mushroom (in Latin; boletus edulis) and barley noodle with veal tail, beef tenderloin with darüfulfül (a type of black pepper), lamb chop with celery puree, lamb sausage with Aegean herbs, duck cooked in sweet wine with root vegetables, tahini halva, pumpkin with ice cream and cinnamon, pear dessert with nutmeg and almond puree, meringue with olives and peppermint chocolate with sweet tomato.

If you wish, you can try the ‘Tasting Menu from the Land’ that consists of 7 different courses or the ‘Tasting Menu from the Sea’ consisting of 5 different courses with wine pairing. Our compliments go to Osman Sezener (son of Günter Sezener, the founder of Pizza Venedik who started the project “grace of kitchen and guest’) who created this fantastic ‘modern gastronomic experience centre’ by bringing the culinary and architecture together.

It is clear that it will be fun to eat in this beautiful place during the summer, although OdUrla is open throughout the year. For those who want to stay, Zeytinlik Hotel next to Odurla offers a warm, home like stay among the olive trees.


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