horasan (4)

Horasan, in Çeşme Town, is one of our favourite ‘seafood’ places, and considered to be a classic now. The ‘masters of fish grilling’ Ahmet and Kezban Horasan couple, serve creative and delicious recipes in their garden under the lemon and bergamot trees in Çeşme.

Our favorites in their ever-growing menu are Girit tapas with zucchini and walnut, grilled ‘sepet’ cheese (a type of cheese made from the mixture of goat, cow and sheep milk) shrimp tartar blended with avocado, strawberry and hot red pepper, bonito sashimi, shrimp carpaccio, salmon pastrami, grilled sardine, crispy shrimps, seafood tagliatelle and San Sebastian style cheesecake. (Reservation is necessary – 0 232 712 74 69)


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