Wouldn’t you always prefer to stay in a cozy environment where you can have your own lounge area, kitchen and courtyard? The owners of “Bence Ev” (“I’d prefer Home” in English) created this place with that in mind. As the name suggests, Bence Ev is composed of three lovely properties at the heart of Alaçatı village, providing a cozy environment where you feel like home. They all are within walking distance to the attractions in the town centre, but also gives you the opportunity to be on your own or enjoy solitude with your loved ones as you close the doors. The owner of these Red, Blue and Green Houses is a dear friend of ours: Gülay, a blondie with blue lively eyes and a beautiful smile, who warms up your heart at first glance. She has renovated these two old stone houses and transformed them into charming and delightful living spaces, which are decorated with tasteful modern furniture blended with authentic local objects. It is always nice to have your own place, right?

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