Embryologist Handan Şendağ and her husband Prof. Dr. Fatih Şendağ had purchased an old Greek house located in a calm & silent street of Alaçatı village, adorned with red & pink begonvilles – that’s how the story of Alachi begun. After a careful and long renovation process, the old building turned into a place full of peace and comfort where Alaçatı traditions meet Chinese philosophy – as the “chi” in the name of the place (meaning “energy of life”) comes from the 3500 years old Chinese thought. Decorated in light of the Feng Shui philosophy, Alachi surrounds you with happiness and peace the moment you step inside.


Marble, wood and glass materials are mixed with antique pieces in Alachi that was designed with the idea of benefitting from the natural sunlight as much as possible. Traditional Alaçatı style is reflected in every corner of the place, however modern touches and a nostalgic feeling can also be sensed; making Alachi a beautiful blend of old & new. With lots of vintage pieces scattered around, the hotel takes its guests to a journey in the past, while the garden full of flowers & trees and the fantastic Spa offering various massages and a Turkish bath provides a calming experience.


The breakfasts at Alanchi are also exquisite, as ingredients such as olives, olive oil, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, vegetables, butter and cheese varieties served are all organic and produced in the Urlachi farm, located in Urla and owned by the couple.


Alanchi also offers health cure camps composed of detox sessions, yoga and ayurveda experiences occassionally.

Handan says she wishes her guests to relax, purify, renew, eath healthy and feel full of energy while leaving Alanchi.

Offering 3 standard & 5 deluxe rooms, 2 rooms with bay windows, 2 superior rooms, 1 suite and 1 basement room, Alanchi is a place where you can enjoy the sun & the sea in the summer and make the most of the Aegean winters by the fireplace, in the winter garden and the modern rooms with floor heating.



Imagine a hotel…

The moment you step inside the garden you’re greeted by Cypress trees, lavenders, rosemary leaves and a 1000 years old Olive Tree. Despite their ordinary looks from the outside, the four buildings made out of stone that surround the garden all hide a unique experience for you.

The “Gastronomy Building” greets you with the delicious smells coming out of the oven. The food served here is made with local ingredients or vegetables & fruits grown in hotel’s own garden & presented beautifully as if they are all individual art pieces. Note that you won’t be able to get enough of the madeleines made by the talented kitchen team served alongside 5 O’clock tea and the sourdough bread, molasses, dried fruit roll-ups, jams, pickle, juices and ice-cream – all homemade at the hotel’s kitchen.

You can take a gastronomy book from the hotel’s library and opt in to read it by the fireplace while listening to the cracking sound of the fire or attend the various food workshops. Or you can choose to have a pizza baked in the stone oven at the cafe, accompanied by a glass of Kavaklıdere wine, making you feel like you’re part of a big Italian family enjoying dinner altogether. Every inch of the hotel smells fantastic – and if you’d ask the origin of this scent, you’ll be informed that it comes from the room odors and candles placed everywhere – all of which are the hotel’s own production, like the shampoos and creams in the rooms. Towels in the bathrooms are hand wowed as well, made using traditional fabric. The walls are decorated with paintings by Kirkor Sahakoğlu, the shelves are equipped with centuries old bottles, corners filled with vintage jugs and statues, floors covered with hand loom carpets – it’s safe to say that two talented people; architect Han Tümertekin and interior designer Hakan Ezer accomplished an amazing job here.

The second building is dedicated to the “artful experiences”. The atelier areas on two floors host talks and workshops on ceramics, porcelain, glassworks and woodcraft. Another building designed with the “fitness and health” theme offers a yoga and meditation room, a massage therapy area, a Pilates room and a fitness & cardio center, where you can either work out by yourself or attend the group classes. For those who prefer swimming, there are two pools located in the garden, one with a jet stream. The last building is reserved for corporate purposes; offering two spacious meeting rooms (one with a capacity of 20, while the other can host up to 8 people), a screening room with 20 seats where you can organize your meetings, seminars or host movie screenings. All the buildings have their own libraries filled with carefully selected books, accompanied by fireplaces to enjoy your book by the fire. The 16 rooms the hotel has to offer are carefully designed with a refined manner, they are spacious and always bright thanks to their wide windows.

Open all year round, this place is an oasis where movie nights, poetry talks, lifestyle & food workshops are organized frequently. The buildings that look like ordinary constructions from the outside bundle you up as you start experiencing what’s inside; contributing both to the guests as well as the inhabitants of the village.

Have you imagined? This is Bernadet, Alaçatı’s latest addition. Named and inspired by Berna Tunalı Mimaroğlu, who fell in love with everything Alaçatı had to offer in 2003 when she first came here and imagined a hotel which would be almost like a living thing; spreading light, warmth and love to its surroundings all year around. Unfortunately, Berna is no more in this world; but her dreams, her soul, her refined taste and elegant vision still lives here at Bernadet, thanks to her husband Vedat, daughter İrem and son Kerem, who loved her deeply. We know that Berna keeps spreading her passion for Alaçatı, arts, sports and gastronomy, as well as her humanism and energy to the guests through the old olive tree at the heart of the hotel.


A story about the “mother earth”… Inspired by civilizations with a deep relation to earth; such as Latin American and Anatolian cultures, Pachamama is a carefully designed hotel that surrounds you with the warm & inclusive aura of nature the moment you step inside.

The wooden door of the hotel, named “Yoldan Gelen” (the one who comes from the road) and hand made by Mecit Çeliktaş is engraved with the symbols of Aegean, Black sea and Caucasian cultures. Every room in the hotel is designed in a unique fashion, making them all appear like different children of the mother earth.

Cave paintings, Aztec tablets, Mayan inspired sun drawings, Hittite Goddess figurines, Egyptian papyrus scrolls, Ionian jars, Phoenician letters and African masks decorating the rooms all tell different stories about the world we live in, inviting you to experience a peaceful and happy tale.

The rooms, named Root, Cure, Breath, Chance, Talisman, Balance and Energy are decorated with handmade artworks that tell stories about mother earth, all by Muzna Abdülhamit; a very talented artist with a vast knowledge of ancient traditions. Beautiful lighting equipment used in the rooms, made of natural materials are designed by Burak Güleci.

The common areas, rooms, garden, pool, stairs and even the roof – the whole place makes you feel like you’re on your mother’s lap; thanks to the architectural approach that focused on softening all the corners and curves used in modern buildings; adding an unusually inviting feeling to the hotel.

An example to this is the circle shaped pool, that looks pretty much like a pond in the middle of a green valley… Pachamama is a very eco-friendly hotel, so much that they had to change the project plans during construction so that they wouldn’t need to relocate the swallow nests in the roof – the baby swallows that were born in those very nests and took their first flights in the garden still live here. The hotel owners even had a special lamp designed, inspired by the infamous nest and now installed at the hotel’s entrance.

Taking its name from the Latin American culture (the word means “the light of the sun and mother earth” in native language), Pachamama is the first eco-friendly & environmentally kind Alaçatı Hotel which follows a conscious energy consumption policy as well.

The main building of the hotel was designed taking the direction of the wind and sun into consideration, thus taking advantage of Alaçatı’s perpetual North winds to create a natural breeze inside the rooms, very much favorable to human health. Pachamama is a living place breathing constantly, thanks to the natural marble floors, pine and cedar wood materials, rounded traditional ceilings, mudbrick techniques used in various places, natural insulation made with organic plaster and oils, walls colored with brick dust instead of industrial paint and the local basalt and anthracite stones used, making you feel the centuries long life experiences rooted in the region.

The 16 roomed hotel, that also features a restaurant named “Toprak Ana” (Mother Earth) where a traditional Alaçatı breakfast with homemade peanut butter, jams, tahini, honey and pastries made with Karakılçık whole wheat flour as well as healthy delicacies made with natural & raw ingredients, homemade lemonade, iced tea and cocktails made with fresh spices are served, is open all year round.

Created by three siblings who happen to be architects and environmental engineers, namely Arzu, Mustafa and Armağan; Pachamama is a true oasis looking to experience the long-lost compassion, coziness, tenderness and inclusiveness of the “Matriarchal” era.



After a long & successful career at Henkel, Zeynep Öziş returned home, bought an old stone house in Alaçatı, and transformed it into a wonderful hotel in 2001. By then few people knew about the village, and Taş Otel was the first boutique hotel of Alaçatı. I was one of the first customers and fell in love with the place.

When I first met this graceful lady with golden hair, curious big eyes, warm smile, I appreciated her vision, courage and sophisticated taste which shows itself in every detail. One comes across very original and fine touches on every corner of the hotel: rooms, lounge and garden. She was personally involved in every step of the renovation process: the architectural design, construction, decoration, management and created this oasis in such a short time. Due to large interest by the people who admired the architecture and decoration of Taş Hotel, Zeynep has since been involved in plenty of old stone house renovation projects in Alaçatı. Taş Hotel, as a pioneer in the village, has played a key role in creating Alaçatı’s reputation. Zeynep has put a lot of effort into ensuring Alacati grows without losing its soul & identity, and her contributions in Alaçatı’s current status in undeniable – it would be safe to say that Taş Hotel is a milestone for Alaçatı!

Occupying a 120-year old Greek mansion in Alaçatı’s centre, Tas Otel offers elegant rooms with authentic features and a garden with a 10-metre pool. Aegean beaches are just a 10-minute drive away. All rooms at Tas Otel feature wood beams and natural stone elements and they come decorated with handmade quilts and curtains. Each room is air-conditioned and comes with a private bathroom and toiletries. A daily breakfast with olives and fresh vegetables from the hotel’s garden is served on the sheltered garden terrace. Homemade jams and delicious pastries are also included in the comprehensive breakfast menu. Guests can enjoy drinks from the bar all day long, and free Wi-Fi is available in all public areas, as well as free car parking on site. Şaundry service is provided at the 24-hour open reception desk, along with a shuttle service and sightseeing tours.



A new favorite in Alaçatı, located in the heart of the town, Alavya Hotel has gathered worldwide attention with its elegant design and unbeatable perfect service standards. Alavya Hotel also has a heartwarming story that makes us love this place even more: In 1995 when Alaçatı was a sleeping beauty without any hotels and restaurants, Leyla Figen discovered this silent village. She transformed an old tobacco warehouse into a cafe (which later became Agrilia Restaurant), and settled down in the most beautiful house of the village right across the cafe. She was the first person who volunteered to help the village develop & grow. After a little while people from İzmir and İstanbul started visiting Alaçatı, and some even started living here with the locals. Alavya Hotel placed Leyla Figen’s house at its center and five surrounding old stone buildings and gardens have been added to create a precious place. The first room to open was Leyla Figen’s original room, paying tribute to this respected lady.

Brought to life by Rana & Erol Tabanca and designed by architect Hakan Ezer, Alavya is an art installation itself. Every corner of the rooms, gardens, spa and pool area and restaurant reflect a unique, elegant and tasteful design philosophy. Every room is individually designed and decorated. There are 4 types of rooms: Comfortable and warm Classic Collection rooms have either a veranda, a village view balcony or a fireplace; each with a different atmosphere. Premium Collection rooms have amazing Alaçatı views from their private open terraces. More Than Suites offer Jacuzzis. Turquoise Lofts are large with living, dining and bedrooms with high wooden ceilings. And finally Alavya’s royal room, Jade Loft has a magnificent view and the largest living/sleeping area the hotel has to offer. In every room, all needs of a modern traveler are met with IPODs with pre-loaded playlists, IPOD speakers, coffee machine, TV, mini bar, cosmetics, and the fresh scent of nature… Architect and designer Hakan Ezer tried to bring the love of nature, history and contemporary design together in a harmonious way in every corner of the hotel. The outcome is so inspiring, romantic and refreshing that the hotel puts a smile on your face and makes you feel at peace.

Alavya owes a lot to its first general manager, İlknur İçingir. With her cheerful, calm, friendly and hospitable approach and perfect leadership, she built an amazing team that welcomes the guests with a cheerful, respectful and kind attitude. After running the hotel for 4 years, she handed over her duties to her skillful team.

The fact that the hotel was listed as #3 in Forbes magazine’s “10 reasons to go to Turkey” article in 2014 proves that the hotel raises the standards of Alaçatı to a higher level and helps Alaçatı have world-wide attention. Alavya Hotel has received coverage in world’s most important travel magazines such as Madame Figaro, Condé Nast Traveller, How to spend it, Travel+Leisure and The Times.

Alavya serves as the biggest catalyst in increasing the number of high quality travelers visiting Alaçatı. The hotel is open throughout the year, extending the tourism season from summer to four seasons, allowing clients to enjoy the wonderful climate of Alacati all year.

At Alavya, you can start the day with the view of the windmills from your balcony, stretch with a yoga class, have a delicious authentic breakfast in the beautiful garden covered with mastic, berry, pomegranate, olive, cypress and lotus trees, jasmines and bougainvillea. After swimming in the lovely pool decorated with blue, green and brown tiles, you can rest and enjoy the silence in the “cabanas” by the pool. Before having a massage and relaxing in the sauna or steam room, you can exercise in the MIBOSA Spa.

There are many delicious options at Alavya for brunch, lunch and dinner as well. ‘Mitu’ is a cozy bistro, that serves breakfast & lunch. ‘Agrilia’ is the star restaurant of Alaçatı, offering Mediterranean cuisine. (You can find more information on Agrilia –

‘Before Sunset’ is a tapas lounge where you can taste both local appetizers and delicious tapas, and also listen to good music all night long. You can listen to live jazz performances of Derya Meltem on Wednesday nights at Agrilla.  ‘

Located at the entrance of the hotel, Mitu Dükkân is home to a collection of clothing items and accessories (FEY) by well-known designer Fatoş Yalın.

The hotel provides activities and workshops throughout the year: you can attend Karma Yoga classes every morning in summer, or workshops led by yoga masters such as Gülin Zeytunlu, Şenol Topuz, Nicole Ohme, Alexis Kiresepi and Mey Elbi. You can also go cycling with Uli the guide. The hotel opens its doors not only to its guests but to all Alaçatı lovers and visitors. You can enjoy peaceful hours at its cafe, spa and pool area all day or attend the daily activities and weekly workshops.

Regarding the name of the hotel: Alavya, is what poured out of Rana Tabanca’s daughter’s mouth when she first tried to say “I love you”. Bistro Mitu’s is a play on “Me Too”.

Alavya gave worldwide recognition to the village while helping protect the original and authentic values of Alaçatı. Thus this wonderful hotel located in the heart of Alaçatı is a precious gift granted to this town.




the-stay-alacati-warehouse (1)

The Stay Warehouse, opened in September 2017 is an adults only hotel located in a lush garden full of 100 years old olive trees.

The Stay Warehouse, borrowing its name from the original purpose of the property in the 80s, welcomes its guests with 24 stylish rooms that offer a peaceful retreat surrounded by a beautiful garden and a gorgeous swimming pool, a multipurpose common area and a library full of arts and architecture books.

The hotel is built on a steel frame tastefully mixed with wood, glass and concrete in a modern loft style. All materials used in construction are made from the recycled wood, bricks and glass of centenarian village houses from Anatolia and the Northern coast of Turkey, which gives the hotel an industrial, rustic yet modern feeling. The high ceiling and vast space at the reception area makes this hip hotel a great place for movie, theater and concert nights.  The Stay Warehouse brings an artful approach to hospitality with a curated cultural program that includes music and theatre performances, culinary workshops and exhibitions & film screenings organized within the complex.

The hotel also provides exclusive access to Plage Isolée beach club – so go ahead and relax on the private deck reserved for The Stay Warehouse guests and enjoy chill out tunes and turquoise water in a serene and sheltered bay located just a few kilometers away from the hotel. Complimentary transfers to and from the airport and free-of-charge private shuttle service within Cesme is also provided upon request.

Stay is a unique and soulful hideaway that is open all year around.


Inspired by Gaia, the goddess of earth and nature who created mountains and the sea in Greek mythology, is a beautiful hotel set in a carefully renovated old building in the heart of Alaçatı.

Open for 12 months, Gaia Hotel Alaçatı’s warm winter garden is the perfect place to enjoy a delicious breakfast and coffee in the daytime and delicious cocktails in the evenings. Wonderful live jazz performances also available on Saturday evenings.

This place offers quite an experience – from listening to jazz music by the fireplace to having a delicious authentic breakfast. Misk Floral Cafe in the garden of Gaia is open at the summer where you can have tasty snacks throughout the day.


Zeytin Konak is a garden of eden created by our lovely neighbors İlknur and Ertuğrul İçingir. The hotel is located in a green and spacious garden, which makes you feel like you are in a fairy tale. The hotel consists of 4 stone buildings that look like charming cookie houses with colorful wooden shutters. The big garden is full of old olive and pine trees, bougainvillea, geranium, jasmine and lavender flowers, and it is pretty much like an oasis in the middle of Alaçatı. İlknur İçingir’s sincere smile and Turkish windsurf champion Ertuğrul İçingir’s sportsmanship and discipline are reflected at the approach of the hotel staff, who will make you feel like home during your stay. Delicious homemade pastries and cookies served at breakfast and tea time give the place a grandma’s home vibe. If you do not want to go the crowded beaches in the middle of the high season, you can dip in the two pools in the garden and relax under the trees while listening to the wind.

Zeytin Konak also organizes creative workshops on topics like cooking & terrarium; yoga camps and fishing sessions for fathers & sons.

Although the hotel is just 2 minutes walking distance to the village center, it is away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Zeytin Konak is open throughout the year, so you can enjoy winters in the greenhouse lounge next to the fireplace watching movies. In addition to all that, Zeytin Konak Hotel has the best price / performance value in Alaçatı, so it is definitely among our favorites.



Wouldn’t you always prefer to stay in a cozy environment where you can have your own lounge area, kitchen and courtyard? The owners of “Bence Ev” (“I’d prefer Home” in English) created this place with that in mind. As the name suggests, Bence Ev is composed of three lovely properties at the heart of Alaçatı village, providing a cozy environment where you feel like home. They all are within walking distance to the attractions in the town centre, but also gives you the opportunity to be on your own or enjoy solitude with your loved ones as you close the doors. The owner of these Red, Blue and Green Houses is a dear friend of ours: Gülay, a blondie with blue lively eyes and a beautiful smile, who warms up your heart at first glance. She has renovated these two old stone houses and transformed them into charming and delightful living spaces, which are decorated with tasteful modern furniture blended with authentic local objects. It is always nice to have your own place, right?


Set in a stone mansion with bay windows, Alaçatı LuCe’s rooms are designed tastefully with a chic and eclectic approach, and the green garden with a swimming pool and the charming details create a fairy-tale atmosphere. The gorgeous rooms’ stylish bathrooms are filled with best quality Molton Brown products. The breakfast prepared with local ingredients and homemade jams is served in the garden or in your room according to your choice.

The joyful moments the hotel has to offer are not limited to rooms & breakfasts, and the afternoon tea is also another reason to rush back to the hotel after enjoying the clear, turquoise sea.