A story about the “mother earth”… Inspired by civilizations with a deep relation to earth; such as Latin American and Anatolian cultures, Pachamama is a carefully designed hotel that surrounds you with the warm & inclusive aura of nature the moment you step inside.

The wooden door of the hotel, named “Yoldan Gelen” (the one who comes from the road) and hand made by Mecit Çeliktaş is engraved with the symbols of Aegean, Black sea and Caucasian cultures. Every room in the hotel is designed in a unique fashion, making them all appear like different children of the mother earth.

Cave paintings, Aztec tablets, Mayan inspired sun drawings, Hittite Goddess figurines, Egyptian papyrus scrolls, Ionian jars, Phoenician letters and African masks decorating the rooms all tell different stories about the world we live in, inviting you to experience a peaceful and happy tale.

The rooms, named Root, Cure, Breath, Chance, Talisman, Balance and Energy are decorated with handmade artworks that tell stories about mother earth, all by Muzna Abdülhamit; a very talented artist with a vast knowledge of ancient traditions. Beautiful lighting equipment used in the rooms, made of natural materials are designed by Burak Güleci.

The common areas, rooms, garden, pool, stairs and even the roof – the whole place makes you feel like you’re on your mother’s lap; thanks to the architectural approach that focused on softening all the corners and curves used in modern buildings; adding an unusually inviting feeling to the hotel.

An example to this is the circle shaped pool, that looks pretty much like a pond in the middle of a green valley… Pachamama is a very eco-friendly hotel, so much that they had to change the project plans during construction so that they wouldn’t need to relocate the swallow nests in the roof – the baby swallows that were born in those very nests and took their first flights in the garden still live here. The hotel owners even had a special lamp designed, inspired by the infamous nest and now installed at the hotel’s entrance.

Taking its name from the Latin American culture (the word means “the light of the sun and mother earth” in native language), Pachamama is the first eco-friendly & environmentally kind Alaçatı Hotel which follows a conscious energy consumption policy as well.

The main building of the hotel was designed taking the direction of the wind and sun into consideration, thus taking advantage of Alaçatı’s perpetual North winds to create a natural breeze inside the rooms, very much favorable to human health. Pachamama is a living place breathing constantly, thanks to the natural marble floors, pine and cedar wood materials, rounded traditional ceilings, mudbrick techniques used in various places, natural insulation made with organic plaster and oils, walls colored with brick dust instead of industrial paint and the local basalt and anthracite stones used, making you feel the centuries long life experiences rooted in the region.

The 16 roomed hotel, that also features a restaurant named “Toprak Ana” (Mother Earth) where a traditional Alaçatı breakfast with homemade peanut butter, jams, tahini, honey and pastries made with Karakılçık whole wheat flour as well as healthy delicacies made with natural & raw ingredients, homemade lemonade, iced tea and cocktails made with fresh spices are served, is open all year round.

Created by three siblings who happen to be architects and environmental engineers, namely Arzu, Mustafa and Armağan; Pachamama is a true oasis looking to experience the long-lost compassion, coziness, tenderness and inclusiveness of the “Matriarchal” era.


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