Another good address for tasting wonderful, homemade Aegean dishes. Be warned though – if you look at today’s menu on the bar, you’ll want to try everything as they all sound delicious and -be warned again- they really are. Eflatun offers tasty side dishes such as mashed broad beans, stuffed vine leaves, eggplants with pepper and tomato, fried leaf beets and stuffed zucchini flowers, as well as delicious spaghetti with seafood, roasted lamb, lamb back strap and meatballs. While Nalan takes care of everything in the kitchen, her team welcomes you with a cheerful hospitality. The modesty of Nalan herself, her team and the place is well appreciated by Alaçatı visitors. Eflatun has been here before Hacı Memis became a popular destination, and the restaurant still welcomes their guests with the same modest attitude the staff managed to keep throughout the years. Only thing that has changed here is the constantly growing and evolving menu with the addition of new & delicious recipes every year. The prices are quite decent as well in comparison with the other restaurants in Alaçatı. You can opt to eat at the outside tables, but the little dreamy yard at the back is our favorite.

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