niyazi isole

Inside Plage Isolee, on a quay just by the sea stands Niyazi Balık, the famous fish restaurant of Alaçatı with the best location and according to many, best food in the area.  Niyazi serves delicious appetizers, salads and fish, accompanied by roasted eggplant, salicornia, mashed broad beans, grilled calamari, stewed octopus, grouper fish and bass shish, kazandibi (a traditional milk pudding slightly burnt on the bottom) and semolina dessert. We’d recommend going to Niyazi by sunset, as that’s when you can enjoy the view before it gets too crowded and noisy. Port Niyazi is open throughout the year and it is a ‘must-go place’ while visiting Alaçatı.

In 2019 Niyazi Balık has opened its 2nd restaurant in Alaçatı Beach Resort – Plage Alaçatı 11.

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