Full of green trees and colorful flowers, Noni’s House is a garden of eden in Ovacik.

Noni is famous with its perfect breakfast and brunch service that include homemade sourdough breads, pastries, jams, marmalades, olives, local cheeses, fresh vegetables, eggs scrambled with tomatoes, green pepper and sausage. In the afternoon, they turn into a stylish cafe serving delicious hamburgers, homemade pies, quiches, pasta, pastries, deserts, cheese platters and wine.

Selin, our beloved friend and the hands-on owner of Noni’s House, is sure to make you leave with satisfaction with her smiling face, candid attitude and positive energy. For those who seek for a special place away from the crowds of Alacati, Noni’s House is the perfect place for all day long. From breakfast to lunch in a beautiful garden, accompanied by a nap under a tree or cheese & wine indulge.

Noni’s House is a cute and peaceful place where you can surrender yourself to nature. Here’s what to except at Noni’s: A breakfast that is as good as a king’s table, afternoon naps under the trees on comfy lounges, lunch with homemade pasta and desserts, inhaling the sea and  fresh air in the afternoon while tasting the wines of the area – in short, quite a getaway from the crowds of Alacati to leave you feeling great & refreshed.

Noni’s is open all year round. Having a peaceful brunch or a dinner next to the fireplace in nature is definitely an heavenly experience.

Reservations are highly recommended during summer time and Sundays.

0 532 4184701



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