Sakin Ev is one of the reasons that our heart beats for Alacati. The hotel, located in a rare street where the authentic village life is still preserved is run by İskit family, who pays utmost attention to every detail.

Sakin Ev, full of beautiful details created by the lovely couple Ulku and Ergin Iski, awakens the feeling of peace and serenity at first sight with its authentic doors and stone stairs. Antique beds, wardrobes, bedstands, racks inherited from the family add soul to this place, while marvelous artworks and the antiques such as racks, tables, iron and scales are used to decorate the walls. The beds in the rooms are covered with original bedcovers and cushions, and the art deco lightings hanging from the ceilings go perfectly well with the local rugs on the floor.

The 9 rooms in the hotel are named after the family members. Asuman is our favorite room, and Lerzan, which houses the bed and the wardrobe belonging to Ergin Iskit’s parents takes the second place. Simon, that has a kitchenette inside is ideal for the couples while Leyla with 3 bedrooms should be the first choice for the families with children. Cemil is a suit with 2 bedrooms, designed for groups of friends.

Peaceful corners are created around the hotel which is to be expected considering the name of the hotel (“sakin” means “calm in English). There lie the lounges in front of open air fireplace, under the trees and purple bunches, away from the crowd and noisy streets of Alacati. All flowers & trees in the garden, that is taken on by different colors every season, are planted by the members of the family. The purple bunches, roses and jasmines accompany you in the spring while bougainvillea, geraniums smells are in the air during summer.

The breakfast that includes tasty pastries, cakes, home made jams, local products such as cheese varieties, olives, organic eggs and local herbs is another pleasure offered at Sakin Ev.

One other reason that makes Sakin Ev special is the awareness the owners have towards the nature & environment. The courtyard features an ecologically conscious pebble garden with local aromatic herbs and flowers. The Iskit Family takes care of all details to make their guests feel content and peaceful. The HVAC system they use feeds fresh air to all internal spaces, including the bedrooms. All beds feature memory foam mattresses and travertine surfaces of outside stairs are specially processed to be children-friendly. In short, an ecological approach, technological comfort and eclectic decorative pieces (many of which inherited from the family) are used together to create this special hotel.

Around the hotel you can see the villagers selling artichokes or cooking for the special occasions such as a wedding or birth. Mrs Ulku is happy to provide an authentic atmosphere within the heart of a village, something we have already forgotten about in the chaos of the city. You are sure to be filled with peace, joy and love while leaving this pleasant paradise. Sakin Ev is open throughout the year and should definitely be on your shortlist.

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