Viento Hotel is located at one of narrow cobble streets of Alacati where you can easily get lost overhearing the chit-chats of the locals,  dreams and reality get mingled together and the village life that is based on the basis of respect for the nature and natural still prevails.

Viento is inspired by Alacati’s history dating back to the 1850s and the stories of immigrants from Albania, Bosnia, Thessaloniki, Crete and Kavala. Keeping these stories in mind, Viento Hotel is set to write new tales for this tiny village.

You can experience the true Aegean Culture of the past and present at Viento Hotel, run by an immigrant family with roots in Thessaloniki and Lesvos Island. The traces of the culture that the family has brought over from Greece to Ayvalık for a century is everywhere at this hotel. The olive oil used in their recipes is made from olives grown in family’s olive grove and grinded in stone mills.

Viento is sure to offer an unforgettable stay thanks to its grass garden featuring a jacuzzi, bar with delightful music, a very good service and the smiling faces of the staff.

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