ceyda deniz

Designed by Ceyda Deniz with high quality fabrics and materials, all the dresses, bags, sandals have such timeless designs, soft textures, natural colours and comfortable feeling, once you step into this great boutique, you don’t want to step out. Besides clothing designed by Ceyda, you can fiind othere desginers’ bikinis, accessories and jewelery.


Be-Dest is a dreamy shop, where you can find a large collection of porcelain, enamel and glass items, handmade wood works and ceramics, antique doors, tables and cabinets.

pupe (1)

This colorful, vivid and cheerful shop & atelier is sure to bring a smile to your face. Ayça Hayret, the owner of Pupe, sells her exquisite bijoux & jewelry designs in her shop, all of which are handmade and one of a kind. You can also find other designer items such as unique ceramics, home decoration objects, bags, shirts, t-shirts, skirts and trousers at Pupe.


Alaçatı has a beautiful new bookstore & café.

We have been longing for sincere and genuine places to bring happiness & delight to secluded streets of Alaçatı, and Sofilya is sure to offer all that.

Miss Başak, the owner, is a documentary filmmaker who was born in Izmir. She lived & worked in Istanbul for 8 years followed by 10 years in the UK. After that, she returned to her hometown to create this little wonderland.

Sofilya is a bookstore and café that brings literature and culinary delicacies prepared from local ingredients with clean crops together. Organizing talks on literature & nutrition, Sofilya promotes conscious living and consumption concepts.

You can find a selection of books categorized under original names such as ‘Local Masters’, ‘Always Memories’, ‘On the Way to Beach’ and ‘Natural Living & Eating’. It is also a multi-purpose place where you can buy natural and organic peanut butter, vinegar & tarhana products.

With her blue eyes & her warm smile Başak welcomes her guests and this place sure does feel like home.

Sofilya is open daily between 10 AM – 10 PM (siesta between 13:00-15:00 ?).



Exhibitions, talks and workshops at the Eski Tütün Dükkanı… (Old Tobacco Shop) Located in Hacımemiş, Alaçatı, Eski Tütün Dükkanı is a heaven where your soul and heart is filled with freshness and happiness thanks to its high wooden ceiling where stunning lamps are hanging on, white painted stone walls and ceramics decorating the walls.

Rumisu scarves, dresses and clothes, handmade ceramics of Pınar Yeğin, Touline, Guls and Serap Yurdaer, glass designs of Felekşan Onar, jewelry designs by Burcu Sulek, Feyzal Baykut and Gözde Erdogan, ‘pin needles’ of Özge Güven Bıçak’s, Filiz Özkul’s Alaçatı photographs, Vajra’s cotton kimonos, home textiles, bags, crafts and fabric storage units of Egg design, haircloth statues of Jovita, sculptures, accessories, lampshades, bowls, notebooks of Kikkula where the papers become an artwork, cheese boards and jewelry from olive trees made by Ertunga Yeğin and soaps from Zeytuni are displayed & sold in this elegant shop.

Eski Tütün Dükkanı, the all-year-open ‘wonderland’ of our village, also organizes workshops, trainings and exhibitions. During the winter of 2019, the participants learned the basics of art with Hande Bilten in ‘Basic Art Program’, where they had the chance to internalize what they learned step by step by practicing.


The decorative and art pieces selected by Funda Arkas from England, France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Germany, United States and Morocco are exhibited and sold in Rue 1387 Concept Store which was opened for those who are interested in the world of FD Architecture owned by Funda Arkas.

Apart from the unique pieces combining modern and vintage with a story in the same pot, the photographs which were exhibited in London, Paris and New York from awarded artists, paintings and design objects are being exhibited as well.

In RUE1387, you can find suitcases of the soldiers from World War I and II, which are converted to decorative products such as coffee tables by preserving their original features, carpets from Marrakech and Iran, award-winning speakers, pickups and custom made products by RUE1387 and FD Architecture, such as wing chairs & beanbag chairs.


A charming store located in the very first steps of Hacı Memiş and set in a 150 years old Greek house with historic stone texture,  Fusya sells unique pieces such as; gems, antique objects, home decoration objects from Ottoman period and ethnic jewelry, carefully curated by Argun Özusta who is also a gem and jewelry designer.

One of the best design stores in Alaçatı, Fuşya offers authentic jewelries from Tibet, Indian gems made with uncut diamonds, enamel jewelry collection by famous jewelry master Avedis Kendir, mirrors from the Napoleon period, day beds, Indian weaving pillows, bed covers, coral items, leather and wooden old dowry chests collected from Havza Region in Tokat, Turkoman spice boxes, bottles, carafes and vases made by blowing glass and dessert boxes from Ottoman times, as well as the Pisagor jewelry collection made of ebony by Argun Özusta himself.

Alaçatı Mahallesi, 2000. Sk. No:29


Located in a fabulous stone building, Eskiden is an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ where you are lost in time with amazing antique glass carboys, jars, jugs, carafes, bottles and glasses, cruses, vases, wooden dough kneading-trough, baskets, lightings, tables, coffee tables, doors and many more antique objects.

If you stay there, we’d suggest listening to the stories of ‘family’ glasses made in the first glass atelier of Turkey from owner Oktay, who has become an expert and a collector with the love he feels for Anatolian culture.


terra cotta

Hidden in the back streets of Hacı Memiş, Terra Cotta is a heaven for ceramic lovers. You can pick between colorful hand made ceramic bowls, cups, accessories, decorative items to bring home with you, or you can attend ceramic workshops to learn how to make your own ceramic creations & improve your skills.


Istlondon was founded by John and Melis Micklethwaite in 2013 in İstanbul.

The Alaçatı branch that opened later on is a colorful wonderland, full of beautiful handmade porcelain serving items in pastel tones.

They have a large variety of almost paper thin porcelains with clean forms that can fit in seamlessly with any home interior. Their main inspiration comes from shapes instead of patterns and motifs, so their designs are quite simplistic and minimal.

Be warned though – when you see the pastel yellow, gray, green, blue, cream, indigo colored plates, bowls, cups and jugs, you may want to buy all sizes and designs. All products are designed by John & Melis and carefully hand made in their workshop.

All the pieces in the shop are just as much art as they are for actual everyday use.